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Educational Program

Hulbert School Group Programs

For kindergarteners-12th graders (overnight or day programs)

Program Overview

Hulbert’s School Programs offer high-quality educational experiences for children and teachers from public and private schools. Each year, Hulbert School Programs serve over 2,000 children representing more than 60 schools. Our one- to five-day residential and day programs focus on leadership skills, teambuilding, community, personal challenge, natural history, and outdoor skills development.

When you schedule a program, we work with you to customize activities and program options based on your goals and in accordance with the needs of your students and your school. We have a range of evening options to complement numerous daytime programs.

In addition to our traditional residential and day programs, Hulbert now offers on-site and school-based service learning and leadership programs for elementary, middle and high school students. These intensive, curriculum-based programs extend the traditional Hulbert focus on effective group work and personal development into ongoing action for students. Whatever program options you choose, we will strive to design an experience that is meaningful and memorable.

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The Hulbert dining hall full of participants eating a meal.
The exterior of the hulbert main house in the fall.
The outside of two Hulbert cabins.
A Hulbert group doing a teambuilding activity.
A Hulbert school group in a circle in front of the barn.
A group of campers gathered around a fire pit.
Contact us for spring 2024 availability!

“Thank you for another wonderful Hulbert experience. It really is the perfect kick-off for our new school year. We will be back next year!”

Middle School Teacher

“Hulbert was the best field trip I went on in all of elementary school.”

Elementary School Student

“The kids had a blast. We have some kids with challenging behaviors in the group we brought and the staff are very patient with our kids, who report how much they loved their experiences. Getting them outside and running and playing is extremely healthy and healing for them.”

Upper Valley Haven Children's Program Director

Program Options

A camper walking on a balance beam as other campers wait in line.


In small groups our instructors present challenges that provoke problem solving, cooperation, clear communication, and trust.  Instructors use our low ropes elements as well as out of the bag initiatives.  As the group is ready, the instructor progresses to more challenging elements.  This experiential approach helps students recognize the strengths of each team member’s contribution. It helps students consider how they can best use their own strengths to help the team work best.  Each group debriefs with valuable discussions that address group dynamics, leadership, and collaboration.

High Ropes Course

Our high ropes course includes many elements: trapeze, zip-lines, rock climbing routes, and many mid-level and high bridges each offering unique challenges.  This course gives an opportunity for individuals to step out of their comfort zone and challenge their mind and body.  It also encourages a supportive environment that enables group bonding.  We practice challenge by choice and help students navigate the course to find something that fits their challenge level.  Many find that they can apply climbing on our ropes course as a metaphor for personal challenge in their day to day life. This activity can emphasize the importance of trust, support, and courage for leaders and teams. 

A child learning to shoot arrows at Hulbert.


Hulbert’s spacious archery range accommodates 10 targets and allows students to shoot at distances from 10 to 30 yards. Our qualified instructors teach students how to safely handle a bow and arrow.  Instructors give individual instruction on proper form throughout the activity block while maintaining a safe range.   We keep this block engaging with fun activities like balloon shoots and volleys. 

Members of a Hulbert school group in a canoe on the lake.


We have beautiful waterfront property on Lake Morey.  We are also close to the scenic Connecticut River. All skill levels are welcome.  Instructors begin the block by teaching the parts of canoe and different canoe strokes.  We have two person canoes that offer students an experiential way of working together to navigate their boat.  We often spot turtles, birds, and fish as students explore open water and marshes.  Our staff lead students in canoe games, lake and river ecology. All students wear life jackets and there is a lifeguard on duty. 

A Hulbert student making a fire.

Wilderness Skills

This hands on block gives students the chance to learn basic survival skills while having a blast outside.  They learn how to build and maintain a fire, and then are able to cook over the fire.  Students also have the exciting experience of building a shelter with debris.  Our instructor will show students what to look for in picking a good campsite and how to safely treat water in the wilderness.  We introduce Leave No Trace Principles, and apply them throughout the lesson. This block is a great opportunity for students to experience the fun of playing in the woods while learning essential skills. 

A group of Hulbert students on a hike.

Guided Walks & Hikes

Our beautiful 435 acre campus and the surrounding mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire offer incredible opportunities to explore and challenge participants. “Group Journey” is a 3-hour ramble with activities to explore the plants, animals, and human history of our forests and meadows. Popular activities include sensory awareness and natural history games. A group hike provides personal challenge for each participant, while also requiring that students consider the needs and abilities of all group members. Engaging conversations help groups bond and promote a feeling of accomplishment.  Instructors teach the botany of the area, point out signs of animals, and investigate land-use.

An instructor showing students a tree branch.

Environmental Education

Instructors offer several activities that explore ecosystems and human impact. Forest ecology is an exploration of producers, consumers, and decomposers, as well as identifying native and invasive plant species.  In Aquatic Discovery, students collect and study freshwater macro invertebrates to gain an appreciation for the health and biodiversity of a freshwater ecosystem, employ basic methods of water quality testing, and gain an understanding of the water cycle and watersheds.  Predator Prey, an exciting all campus  tag based game, provides an understanding of the flow of energy through a food chain. Students recognize how small environmental changes can affect the larger ecosystem.

An instructor watches a student work on a project.

Community Leadership & Service

All students have the ability to become leaders for good in their community and impact issues that they care about. Hulbert leadership and community service sessions help students consider their talents and skills as well as particular themes on which they would like to focus (or a theme that has been chosen by teachers). Planning sessions may follow our InspiringKids Community Service curriculum and/or tie in with learning at school. Students may set goals, complete action plans, or simply brainstorm how and when they can make a difference.

Hulbert students raising their hands.

Evening Activities

Our overnight programs provides opportunities for continued fun, learning, and group bonding during the evening. Evening activities may include campfire games, talent shows, skits, stargazing, or group challenges. Free evenings offer choices such as board games, outdoor recreation, firebuilding & cooking, or sports. A highlight for many groups is Night Journey, when groups venture into the night to experience, explore, and discuss life in the dark while learning about nocturnal animals and their adaptations to darkness, experimenting with night vision, and exploring the powers of their other senses. 

Professional Development for Educators

Teachers often ask us how they can continue to build on the work that they do with their students at Hulbert. Our staff offer a range of professional development options for teachers to help them build community with colleagues and students, promote teamwork and understanding in their classrooms, and work more effectively with students on their behavior. We create programs for teams of educators and also provide workshops in our Success Counseling approach.

A group of people sitting together in a circle.


Hulbert is located on Lake Morey in Fairlee, VT, surrounded by large playing fields and hundreds of acres of woodland. Hulbert’s accommodations are in our warm, winterized cabins. Each cabin has four bedrooms containing four beds and two full communal bathrooms. The cabins are within a short walking distance of the Main House.

Three girls sitting on one of the bunks in the Hulbert cabin.


Our chefs take special care to ensure our meals are nutritious, tasty, and include lots of options to satisfy a range of food preferences. Menus include cereals, eggs, breads, pasta, pizza, chicken, turkey, roast beef, sandwiches, soups, tacos, and plenty of salads, vegetables and fruits. Our kitchen provides vegetarian alternatives, and we take pride in the supplier relationships we have established with local growers and farm stands nearby in Vermont and New Hampshire. We do our best to accommodate dietary needs by not serving nuts, and by making vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options. Meals are served in our large dining hall.

A Hulbert group eating in the dining hall.


Led by Program Director Ross Cannon, Hulbert staff can be described in one word: outstanding! They are energetic, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable – and seamlessly adapt their approach to best suit the age and background of the program participants. Each staff member brings their own educational and professional expertise to their role at Hulbert, contributing to a varied and dynamic program.

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