You answered our call and we are grateful!

Thanks to you, #AlohaGivingTuesday 2018 was a record-breaking event. Together, you gave $78,000 in support of The Aloha Foundation’s programs and in celebration of what the Alohas mean to you. We are humbled by your generosity, inspired by your example. You energized others with your enthusiasm and the result was a fun, impactful effort that will make a difference in the lives of young people. On behalf of all of us here at The Aloha Foundation, thank you.

#AlohaGivingTuesday Contributors

Lang Wheeler and Kathy Metcalfe
Matt and Phoebe Bender
Mary Taber
Susie Stringer
Catherine Herrick Levy and Robert Levy
Maggie Latz
Posie Taylor
Jocelyn Merrick
Randall Grayson
Janet Prill
Annie Schulzinger
Elyse and Lloyd Lyons
Carsten Lyons
Charlotte Lyons
Ross Cannon
RR Sigel
Kenyon Cory
Kathryn Friedman
Ross Pforzheimer
Cheryl Stelljes
Charlotte Houck Mullen
Jody Doremus Perkins
Austin Evans
The Young Family
Vanessa Prill
John DeRuff
Lindsey Blum
Ashley Willumitis
Gretchen and Jason Straczewski
Lindsay Stelljes
Al Yoon
Andrea and Colby Walker
Rudy Glocker
Jessica Vincent
Anna Munsey-Kano
Jim Abbott
Lauren Hume Baker
Carlie Smith
Derek and Katherine Prill
Emily Smith
Larry Wrenn
Liza Cohen
Cheryl McKinley
Lisa and W. Scott Campbell
Barnes Boffey
Anne Decker and Tim Buckingham
Amanda Young
The Reibel Family
Catherine and Peter Gordo
Melissa McFadden Harris
Nancy H. Godreau
Lee Williams Drummond
Wyatt Prill
Lauren Henzy
Amy Peterson
Jenn Merritt
Kate Gasparro
Skye Walden Lee
Cynthia Stetson McGeoch
Rob Bucklin
Phil Dove
Bori Kohalmi
The Hegarty Family
The Altman/Drisko Family
Philip Gow Sr.
Connie and Peter Loescher
Signe Newman and John Maly
Catherine Bleakley
Tim Ward
Colby Conner
K Brookes
Bob Meinig
Susan Jacques
Joe Whyte
Jen Poulter
Bryan and Kt Partridge
The Angevine Family
Kate and Charlie Kerr
Georgia Dare
Jennifer and Richard Mandelson
Shirley and Peter Malheiro
Adrian Pforzheimer
Daniel Mulno
Maggie White
The Cleveland Family
Allison Maryan Wood
Elizabeth Smith Vaccaro
Allison Howard
Eliza Kissick
Kevin Baines
Julianna Johnson
The Sewell Family
Ellie Franklin
Heidi Bailey
Robin Matza
Renay Louviere Scales
Marge D’Auria
Eliza Laible
Caroline Maryan
Doug Kleinman
Lori and Steve Wyckoff
Cameron and Gus Speth
Darby Ringer
Susan Janco-Frizzi
Derek Baker
Mackenzie Thomas
Peter and Kathy Christie
Elise Baker
Harriet Dwyer
Sarah Rubin
Ashmore Johnson
Katie Drossos
Edie and Ed Overtree
Peter and Judith Kleinman
Andy and Kate Hilton
Jamie Cohen
Holly Galbincea
Nekesa C. Straker
Fraser Boyd
Sophie Berglund
Tory and Doug Baker
Henry Mali
Winter Mali
William Mali
Fiona Roffey
Rosemary Leahey
Erin Wilson
Kenneth Baker
Nate Dimick
Ken Hellendall
Christopher Overtree
Ali Rosenfeld
Gretchen Cyros
Maria Tassoni
Lauren Frank
Taylor Brown
The Llewellyns: Jody (Young – Hive/Aloha ’80s), Doug, Bart (Lanakila), & Betsy (Hive)
Steve Nishino
Carrie Kissick
Romain and Caroline de La Tournelle
Ann Johnson
Daniel Gordon
Ethan Weiss
Colin and Eva Born
Deb Kleinman
Chip and Linda Baines
Becky Baines
Eliza Parsons
Magdalena Schneiderman
Lora Marchand
Eliza Dodd Leeper
Theresa Duncan
Jeremy Cutler
Caitlin Chicu
Claire Maggiotto
The Adkins Family
Jeremy and Kelly Hough
Woody and Jerry Needell
The Larino Family
The Bellinger Family
Molly Streeter
Vicki and Andy Doule
Eliza Riley
The Lindsay Family
Kara Klenk
Norman Kalen
Big Lou Savage
Delphine Lui and Brenden Maher
Jennifer Walker
Keith Keeler
William Berkey
Jenn Wheeler
Gaby and Camille Buffaloe
Sarah Bassett
Catherine Fleury
Ted and Cara Latham
Ashley and Stephen Dolan
Perry Allison
Sarah Littlefield
Elena and Marusa Komova
Heather and Brian Flores
Olivia Oosterhout
The Lubrano/Hegarty Family
Kate Newick and Tyler Kipp
Elizabeth Grayer and Aidan Synnott
Lucy Williams
Margaret Pennoyer
Angela Nugent and Bruce Odessey
Madison Farley
Kimberly Ebeling
The Stolow Family
CDR and Mrs. Paul H. Doolittle, USN (Ret)
Liz Morris
Perry Ann and Wayne Jeveli
Izzy Zaino
Dana Hoyt
Debby Link
Erika Atchley
Bari Nelkin

And we want to thank YOU! 

2018 special edition Aloha Foundation 50th anniversary songbook

Thank You Gift for All #AlohaGivingTuesday Donors
Everyone who made a contribution of any size on #AlohaGivingTuesday received a special edition songbook from The Aloha Foundation’s 50th Celebration in November.

The songbook, beautifully designed by Hive and Aloha alumna Holly Fisher, includes all-camp favorites, plus selections from Aloha, Hive, and Lanakila. Cherish it as a keepsake, give it to a camp friend, teach Rattlin’ Bog to the grandkids or a captive family audience over the holidays, give it to new parents who need lullaby material – the possibilities are limitless!

A Special Opportunity: Art Raffle
Second, this year donors could also choose to participate in our art raffle, featuring beautiful projects made by our very own campers and counselors. Photos of all art items are below. The suggested minimum gift amount to participate in the raffle was $100, but we are grateful and appreciate contributions at any and all levels. We hope you’re as impressed as we were by the wonderful creativity of these works!