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THANK YOU! 11.28.23




What inspires you to give?

Lifelong friendships built at camp? An appreciation for nature? A counselor who made a difference in your life? The opportunity to pay it forward?

Thank you for participating in #AlohaGivingTuesday 2023! The results: we surpassed our goal of 100 donors (112 to be exact!) and raised a total of $15,041.53. And 15 community members won posters in our raffle. We are so grateful for your participation and for sharing what the Alohas mean to you.

All donations from #AlohaGivingTuesday support the Aloha Annual Fund, which helps fund camperships, campus stewardship projects, staff leadership and training, and more – all critical elements to fulfilling our organization’s mission.

2023 #AlohaGivingTuesday Donors – Thank you!
Cheryl & Andy Petricoff
Linda Cobb: In honor of the Ramsey Family
Posie Taylor: In honor of my Aloha family!
Emily Smith
Debbie McGarvey Mulno & Glenn Mulno
Caroline King
Char: For my Georgia girl <3
Elyse Lyons
Cheryl Stelljes
Bryan Partridge
Willa Speiser
Skye, Scout & Cove Lee: We are inspired to give because, as the song goes, “we’ll always be home right here” at camp.
Elise Baker
Elizabeth Grayer
Miller Joyce: Special seeing so many old friends at the 100th this past summer. Excited to continue supporting the future of Lanakila and the Aloha Foundation!
Katie Drossos
David Stolow
Woody Needell: In memory of Judy and Fred Downing
Anne Marie Lubrano-Hegarty
Jack Gillespie
Jeffrey Hafner
Katie Brookes
Angela Nugent: In honor of Rachel Odessey
Becky Baines
Russell Decaire
Vanessa Riegler
The Muhlbaum Family
Ross/Tori Cannon/Sumner
Betsy Boehne
Jimmy Gerrity: Camp is the best!
Ellie Pennell
Susanne Drescher
Duncan Joyce
Josephine Perkins: In memory of Fred Downing
Gretchen Grote
Zoe Gadgil
Joan Capriotti
Nyla Young
Cheryl McKinley
Andrea & Colby Walker
Margaret Moran
Barbara Dubin
Anonymous: Campership makes camp possible for my child, and I am grateful.
Jason Knowles
Austin Evans
Chip Hinckley
Jenn Merritt: In memory of Biff Fink
Anonymous: I will always cherish my time at camp!
Mary Liechty
Arlynn Polletta
Anne Schulzinger
Betty Chen: Lanakila has been transformative for my son.
Mason Roulston: For the GREATEST camps in the world!
Maggie White
Leeds & Wendy Gulick
Helen Doherty: In memory of Bob & Esther Doherty
Beth Randall
Phil Dove: Camp is an experience of a lifetime that everyone should be able to access.
Janet Prill
Anne Mulgrew
Linda January
Derek Prill
Lindsay Stelljes
Eliza Kissick
Wyatt Prill
Lisa Sharp Borger: In honor of Lucy Field, Reen, and Luke Dolan. I was a Hiver, my brother was at Lanakila, happy to have my Grands continue the exceptional experience of the Alohas
Allison Warren
Kevin Baines
Skylar Prill
Abigail Buffum
Julianna Jarabak Johnson: I’m so very grateful to be part of this amazing community and am inspired by all the good the Alohas put into our world to make it a better place. Especially grilled cheese and tomato soup out of mint green bowls!
Andy Williams
Rachel Arnesen
Anonymous: Supporting another best summer ever!
Sophia Garmey
David Prill142
Jeff Petersen
Holly Galbincea
Jennifer Herman
Peter Bowles
Mary Willis Thompson
John Friedman
Jen Holleran: In honor of amazing counselors who make the camps so special!
Meredith Kelly
Katharine Cary
Dana Anselmi
Robert Meinig
Phoebe Mauricio
Anonymous: In memory of Sullivan
Nipul Shah
Kathleen Hehir
Kathryn Friedman: In memory of Lua Ameden
Jenni Harle: My experience as a camp counselor is a memory I will always cherish. Hive will always be home for me.
Bori Hajos-Kohalmi
Theresa Duncan
Kathryn Wooters: In memory of Cliffy
Virginia Oates: I love camp!!!
Jennifer Walker
Brianna Humphreville
Jessica Benedetto
Demer Holleran
Caroline Wilcox
Jasper Drisko
Judy Warren
Anne Angevine
Katherine Kavanagh
Liz Morris: There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t apply the lessons I learned at camp. I continue to benefit from my time at the camps, and I want to pay it forward!
Douglas Kleinman
Miriam Monroy Valades: So proud that my love for Hive is now part of my daughter’s life.

Graphic for #AlohaGivingTuesday.