Music and camp, a perfect pair

I feel very lucky to have found camp. Freshly graduated from college, I was having a much harder time than usual lining up my next…

12/11/19 by Matt McGrath, Hive counselor

One Moment the Moon

Ayana, a bright, young counselor in Arts & Crafts at Aloha Camp, remembers a moment when nature brought the entire community to a quiet standstill….

11/26/19 by Christopher E. Overtree, Ph.D.

Why #AlohaGivingTuesday (12/3)?

(20)19 Reasons Why Giving Back Is Important to the Aloha Foundation   It allows us to offer quality programming It gives us the opportunity to…

11/20/19 by Aloha Foundation

We’re in Camping Magazine!

Ever wonder why a friend’s problems seem so easy to solve? Is wanting change a prerequisite to making change? In his new article in Camping Magazine,…

10/23/19 by Aloha Foundation

Find Your Happy in the Big Tent

How do you practice self-care? Maybe you like yoga, journaling, or meditation. Perhaps you love to travel—or read and rejuvenate during your own special rest…

09/11/19 by Aloha Foundation