Camp Lessons Hit Home

Marina, an Aloha counselor and alumna, talks about how camp was just the push she needed to conquer a fear many of us share, adding…

01/30/20 by Christopher Overtree, Ph.D.

Safe—Out on a Limb

Gretchen, Aloha Hive’s talented program director, speaks of a moment that all parents face: seeing her child take a risk. For some, a worst nightmare—singing…

01/15/20 by Christopher Overtree, Ph.D.

The Viking Challenge

Growing is not comfortable. Our bodies prefer the status quo. Growth means taking risks, stretching, and making new connections. This requires significant energy, and sometimes…

12/18/19 by Christopher Overtree, Ph.D.

Music and camp, a perfect pair

I feel very lucky to have found camp. Freshly graduated from college, I was having a much harder time than usual lining up my next…

12/11/19 by Matt McGrath, Hive counselor

One Moment the Moon

Ayana, a bright, young counselor in Arts & Crafts at Aloha Camp, remembers a moment when nature brought the entire community to a quiet standstill….

11/26/19 by Christopher E. Overtree, Ph.D.

Why #AlohaGivingTuesday (12/3)?

(20)19 Reasons Why Giving Back Is Important to the Aloha Foundation   It allows us to offer quality programming It gives us the opportunity to…

11/20/19 by Aloha Foundation