Jobs at The Aloha Foundation, Inc. can be summer counselor positions (resident or day camp), summer resident nurses, kitchen staff at our camps, or internships and instructor positions at the Hulbert Outdoor Center, our year-round program. Please call us at 802-333-3400 for more details, or send an email to request information about a specific program.

Current Job Openings

Please email Cheryl McKinley about work in the year-round Foundation office and for summer employment at Aloha, Hive, Lanakila or Horizons.
Please email Jason Knowles for details about work at Hulbert Outdoor Center.
Please email Vanessa Riegler for details about work at Ohana Camp.

Questions & Answers for New Counselors & Staff

2012 blog post from the New York Times about the important choice to become a wonderful camp counselor.

What to Expect from Your Summer Job, 2013 blog post from the American Camp Association