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The Aloha Foundation

The Aloha Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the Upper Valley of Vermont that provides programming for people of all ages, including Aloha, Hive, and Lanakila (our three overnight summer camps for children), Horizons Day Camp, Ohana Family Camp, and Hulbert (our year-round outdoor education center).

Our mission is to inspire people of all ages to learn, explore, grow, and become their best selves. If you have questions about the application process, please email Human Resources.

We are hiring!

We have year-round and seasonal positions available. You’ll find the job descriptions below. For questions or more information, contact

Year-Round Job Opportunities

None at this time

Summer Job Opportunities

Camp Counselor – Summer 2022

We are hiring Camp Counselors to work at our three overnight summer camps (Aloha, Hive, and Lanakila), our day camp (Horizons), and our family camp (Ohana).

Head Chef – Summer 2022

We are hiring Head Chefs for our summer camps.

Assistant Chef – Summer 2022

We are hiring Assistant Chefs to support our Head Chefs at our summer camps.

Kitchen Assistant – Summer 2022

We are hiring Kitchen Assistants to work in our summer camp kitchens.

Head Nurse – Summer 2022

We are hiring Head Nurses for our three overnight summer camps (Aloha, Hive, and Lanakila).

Health House Assistant – Summer 2022

We are hiring Health House Assistants to support our Head Nurses at our overnight summer camps (Aloha, Hive, and Lanakila).

Childcare Positions – Summer 2022

We’re hiring Childcare Positions for Aloha and Lanakila Summer Camps.

Full Time Driver – Summer 2022

We’re hiring a Full Time Driver for Aloha, Hive, and Lanakila Summer Camps.

Spring / Fall 2022 Job Opportunities

Hulbert Outdoor Center Instructor – Spring/Fall 2022

We’re hiring Hulbert Outdoor Center Instructors.

Kitchen Assistant/Dishwasher – Spring/Fall 2022

We are hiring Kitchen Assistants/Dishwashers to work in the Hulbert kitchen.

Assistant Chef – Spring/Fall 2022

We are hiring Assistant Chefs to work in the Hulbert kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Aloha Foundation’s six core camps and programs?

Our six core programs are: our three overnight summer camps (Hive, Aloha, and Lanakila), our day camp (Horizons), our family camp (Ohana), and our year-round educational center (Hulbert). We offer many other customized programs for students, adults, and people of all ages. Our beautiful Vermont campuses are also sought-after venues for weddings, reunions, and other gatherings.

How are Aloha Foundation programs different from other similar camps and programs?

All of our programs are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), which means we participate voluntarily in an ongoing rigorous evaluation process and must meet up to 300 standards of quality camps. We have an unusually low camper-to-counselor ratio (2 campers for every counselor) that allows us to get to know each child and personalize support to each individual. Our staff are highly qualified and dedicated – many are educators, college students, and others bringing unique skills and backgrounds to their roles. Read more about the Aloha Difference.

What kind of community will I find if I work at the Aloha Foundation?

We strive to ensure each person is valued for who they are and what they bring to the community. This means creating environments that invite people not simply to “fit in” but to feel a deep sense of belonging. For more, visit our Equity & Community page.

What are the age requirements to work in Aloha Foundation programs?

Most staff at our camps & programs are adults 18 and over with the following exceptions:

  • Horizons counselors are 10th grade graduates or older.
  • Kitchen assistants at Horizons, Hulbert, and Ohana are 16 years old and older.
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We are hiring! New applicants can request a staff application below. A member of our team will create an account for you and email you with further instructions within two business days.

Returning employees should reach out to their hiring manager to discuss employment details for 2022.