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Summer Overnight Camp


boys' program for 3rd-8th graders
Four Lanakila campers smiling.

Camp Overview

Since 1922, campers have enjoyed the magic and adventure of Lanakila. Lanakila days are full of activities and events experienced by generations of Lanakilans, and at the same time, a change in personality from summer to summer is welcomed and celebrated as new staff and campers join the ranks of long-time Lanakilans.

We are a close-knit, rustically-minded community specializing in creating lifelong skills, relationships, and memories. We believe strongly in a minimalist philosophy that detaches us from our material possessions and asks us to both engage in the natural world as participants and appreciate the diverse range of friends and mentors around us.

Lanakila welcomes 3rd-8th grade boys and gender nonbinary youth (with a leadership program for those in 10th grade). Our youngest campers are both 3rd grade graduates and 8 years, 10 months by July 1, 2022. 10th grade graduates are invited to apply to the Bridge Program. We invite families to learn more about us and discover if our camps are a good fit for you and your child.

The Aloha Foundation offers financial support to more than 100 children at our overnight camps each year. Interested families can apply for campership aid within the camp application. Please contact us with any questions.

2022 Dates & Rates

Full Season
Friday, June 24 - Wednesday, August 10
1st Session
Friday, June 24 -

Sunday, July 17
2nd Session
Tuesday, July 19 - Wednesday, August 10
Campers learning how to shoot a bow and arrow.
Lanakila campers singing together outside.
Lanakila campers and a counselor on a sailboat.
Campers about to go on a hike.
A campers learning how to build a fire.
Lanakila camper riding his bike over a stump.
Campers canoeing.
Campers during an assembly.
The outside of the Lanakila building.
Four Lanakila campers smiling.
A sign that reads "Lanakila".
A group of Lanakila campers about to go swimming.
Lanakila campers standing in a field.
Lanakila campers running.
Lanakila campers playing baseball.
Campers during an activity.
Campers around the bonfire hanging their viking shields.
A camper sitting on another camper's shoulders.
Campers gathered together and holding candles.
Campers learning woodworking.
Lanakila campers standing in front of a bonfire.
Two campers playing violin.
Campers posing for the camera.
Campers learning woodworking.
A counselor playing pickle ball on Lanakila's tennis courts.
Campers looking at a map in campcraft.
Campers standing in a circle.
A camper playing the cello for the camp at chapel.
Campers participating in a camp activity.
Campers performing a funny skit at an assembly.
Bridgers singing for camp during an assembly.
Campers and counselors together in a field.
Counselors playing music for the camp at chapel.
Campers singing during a camp assembly.
Two Lanakila campers chatting in a field.
Two campers walking together with their arms over each other's shoulders.
A group at Lankila playing the egg game.
Campers performing on stage.
Campers performing Shakespeare on stage.
Lanakila Vikings wearing helmets and carrying shields heading to council fire.
A counselor talking to campers by the Lanakila brook.
Campers playing street hockey.
Campers walking with camping gear.
A group sitting and eating during a Lanakila cookout.
Campers doing a cheer pose.
Campers with their song books during an assembly.
Campers looking off the porch into the rain.
Campers with kayaks in the swim area.
Campers walking with bows and arrows.
Camper running on top of a capsized canoe.

2022 Dates & Rates

Full Season
Friday, June 24 - Wednesday, August 10
1st Session
Friday, June 24 -

Sunday, July 17
2nd Session
Tuesday, July 19 - Wednesday, August 10
A sign that reads "Lanakila".

Welcome to Lanakila!

Infectious laughter, conversations around the dinner table, the glow of a campfire, the deepening of lifelong friendships. These images are emblematic of what I love about camp, and the reason I have been spending my summers here since I was a nervous 10-year-old. From athletics, arts, woodshop, and swimming to archery, sailing, riflery, and ropes course, there are lots of ways to be successful here. Let’s talk soon – I look forward to sharing the magic of Lanakila with you!

– Bryan Partridge, Lanakila Director

“Lanakila is a place for your child to become the best version of themselves—generous, loyal, open-hearted, resilient, confident, and hopeful.”

Lanakila Parent

“Lanakila gives campers an amazing opportunity to learn about themselves and others, grow more confident, and to move forward on their path of becoming good humans.”

Lanakila Parent

“Lanakila is an absolute blessing in our lives. It is a gift to children and parents alike. I could not recommend it more highly.”

Lanakila Parent


A camper shooting an arrow towards a target.


Lanakila’s spacious Archery range accommodates 10 targets and allows campers to shoot at distances from 20 meters to 40 meters. Quality instruction is combined with fun activities like balloon shoots and archery poker, and safety and proper form are emphasized in every activity. We also have a nine hole archery golf range with an end of summer Masters’ Golf Tournament, as well as an archery clout field where we shoot arrows 75 to 100 yards.

Lanakila campers sketching on the porch of the art barn.


We have a dedicated building that houses our Arts Department which provides opportunities for campers to express themselves through a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, ceramics, 3D drawing, paper crafts and even our annual puppet design and showcase.

Lanakila camper throwing a frisbee.


Athletics provides endless opportunities - flag football, basketball, rugby, ultimate frisbee, street hockey, or baseball. As well as individualized and team coaching from experienced counselors, many campers enjoy the “Ameden League,” a first-session intramural baseball tournament open to all campers. Eight teams face each other to reach the final championship, an all-camp event where the Athletics department staff pulls out all the stops.

Lanakila camper riding his bike over a stump.


In Biking, campers can cruise on the road around beautiful Lake Morey, ride nearby single track trails, and test their skills on an obstacle course. They can even learn some tricks! For beginners, we teach mountain biking basics, and for those who want to gain proficiency in bike maintenance, there are opportunities to learn skills like tube repair and brake and gear adjustment. Campers enjoy riding all over campus during Biking!

Campers canoeing.


From zipping around Lake Morey in our wooden sail canoe, touring the swamp in a kayak, joining 12 other campers in one of our 30’ long boats, or canoeing on the Rangeley Lakes in Maine, campers can spend a lot of time on the water! Viking Honors shape many activities as campers learn proper techniques to land row boats along docks or how to roll a kayak after it’s been overturned. After mastering skills, campers may venture out on flat and white water trips throughout New England.

A campers learning how to build a fire.


This is the backbone of the outdoor experience at Lanakila. Campcraft teaches fundamental skills of wilderness survival whose mastery allows us to enjoy nature more fully—not just as observers, but as participants. Campers learn to build fires, tie knots, create shelters, cook over a camp stove, put up tents, and through the Viking Honors program, camper learn skills of self-reliance, comfort in the camping environment, and a sense of stewardship for the world around them.

Four campers acting on stage.


Our rich history of Performing Arts inspires our first session camp musical. Nearly 40 boys participate in putting together a traditional musical for the entire camp community on “Show Weekend.” Campers tackle different roles, including acting, singing in the chorus, and helping with back stage and lighting. A few of our favorites have included “Oklahoma,” “Oliver,” “Li’l Abner” and “Damn Yankees,” and the show is always a big part of a Lanakila summer.

Campers about to go on a hike.


A naturalist once said, “You never really know what you’re looking at until you know its name.” At Exploring, campers learn to stop, look, and listen to the world around them. Learning the names of trees and ferns, birds and bugs, they begin to see the environment around Lanakila differently. Whether going on an exploration of the swamp, the Big Brook, or climbing up the side of a waterfall, campers gain knowledge that can change the way they see the world and the way they see themselves.

A camper playing the cello for the camp at chapel.


Music is everywhere at Lanakila. A bugler’s call in the morning; rousing voices mixed with laughter at morning assemblies; campers strumming guitars and picking out melodies on the piano. We learn to value the music we make ourselves; we sing in groups and as a whole camp, we play in the band, and we listen to music of all kinds. Whether budding virtuosos or practically tone deaf, Lanakilans discover music is a central and joyous part of camp life.

Two Lanakila campers with cameras.


Photography at Lanakila is a hands-on approach to learning. Campers are taught the entire process of shooting, developing and printing with the use of the camp’s 35mm cameras and darkroom. Activities range from Camera Wars to Photographing Cheese to Open Shoot to Sports in Action, and even making personalized baseball cards. Campers create prints that and they can be proud of and that help them truly understand the process of photography.

A camper aims a rifle with the guidance of a counselor.


Riflery teaches campers not only an appreciation of the safe use of guns but larger lessons about themselves. Trusted with a dangerous and delicate instrument, campers learn a sense of responsibility and operate within a strict system of safety. Campers gain a reverence for the rules of the range and appreciate that with riflery their attitude and composure will affect their performance. Riflery stresses competence and calmness, rewarding campers who work hard to develop their self-control and concentration.

A camper doing a high ropes course moving across a series of hanging tires.


A thrilling challenge in a supportive environment, the High Ropes Course is designed for diverse ability levels and has opportunities for many different kinds of success. The Ropes Course emphasizes physical and emotional safety, positive support, and decision-making. In a supportive and safe setting campers set personal goals and are encouraged to stretch their limits as the course proceeds. The High Ropes Course offers the thrill of perceived risk-taking and the pride of personal accomplishment.

Campers learning how to sail.


Lanakila’s Sailing fleet of four J/Y 15’s, two Sunfish, a classic day-sailer, and one impressive, handcrafted Viking Ship are used by novice sailors under the supervision of counselors and also soloed by experienced camper skippers. Campers learn skills from basic knots to identifying boat parts, to reefing a sail, and finally to racing strategies. Our weekly regattas with our sister camps provide opportunities to improve racing technique, and a chance to pursue racing ranks of crew or skipper.

A young camper wearing goggles, swimming.


Swimming is a mix of learning and refreshing summer fun. Campers see improvements in skill and comfort through one-on-one and small group instruction with our experienced staff, and the fun begins with our fourteen-foot-tall water slide, our spring diving board and the famed high dive tower. An avid swimmer can challenge himself even more by joining our swim team or attempting the “Purple Albatross”; a five-mile swim around the perimeter of Lake Morey.

A counselor playing pickle ball on Lanakila's tennis courts.


Vikings play Tennis on two clay courts, two all-weather courts, and the large practice backboards at Lanakila. Players find good competition or just play for fun, and campers of all ages and skills take private lessons, join in singles or doubles matches with Hive and Aloha, and try their hand at the intramural tennis ladder.

Campers learning woodworking.


The sound of hammers pounding away on a variety of projects in the Woodshop can be heard all across camp. Our experienced staff provides a safe environment and offers the campers the opportunity to develop new skills, from the initial plan, to the design process, and finally, to nailing the final piece of wood into place. Campers work on such projects as miniature sailboats, racecars, wood-turning, furniture design, and more!

Daily Schedule

  • Monday-Saturday
  • Sunday

Our daily schedule is based on choice. Within this choice is a mixture of structure and freedom. Campers have the ability to look at the schedule/activities for the day and make a decision about how they want to spend their day.


  • Reveille – time to get up! (7:30 am)
  • Table setting bugle
  • Breakfast (8:00 am)
  • CIA (Community Improvement Activities)
  • Tent/cabin clean-up and unit time
  • First activity period (campers choose from a wide variety of activities)
  • Second activity period (campers choose from a wide variety of activities)
  • Free time


  • Table setting bugle
  • Lunch (12:45 pm)
  • Rest hour (1:30 pm)
  • Third activity period (campers choose from a wide variety of activities)
  • Fourth activity period (campers choose from a wide variety of activities)
  • Free time


  • Unit time
  • Table setting bugle
  • Dinner (6:00 pm)
  • Evening activity
  • Unit time
  • TAPS bugle (8:35-9:00 pm, depending on unit)


  • Sleepover breakfast (8:00 am)
  • Tent family time/tent clean-up
  • Inspection
  • Unit time
  • Sunday gathering
  • Free time


  • Table setting bugle
  • Lunch (1:00 pm)
  • CIA (Community Improvement Activities)
  • Rest hour
  • Unit time

Evening (5:15pm-9:15pm)

  • Unit suppers/unit time (5:15 pm)
  • Unit program
  • TAPS bugle (8:30-9:00 pm, depending on unit)


At Lanakila, we understand that eating together is essential to creating community and encouraging authentic interactions. The chef knows what kinds of food keep active campers fueled and happy. Weekly menus include cereals, eggs, breads, pasta, pizza, chicken, turkey, roast beef, burgers, sandwiches, soups, tacos, and plenty of salads, vegetables, and fruits. We provide vegetarian alternatives, and we take pride in the supplier relationships we have established with local growers and farm stands nearby in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Our dining program not only feeds campers but also involves them as table helpers, recyclers, and composters. Our kitchen can accommodate many medically-dictated dietary requirements. We do our best to accommodate dietary needs by not serving nuts, and by making vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. However, we cannot guarantee there will be no cross-contamination from food ingredients from facilities that also process nuts, dairy, or gluten products. 

Photo of counselor with his back turned speaking to the Lanakila dining hall.


Lanakila campers live in spacious tents on wooden platforms or rustic cabins, with three to five camp mates and one or two counselors. Lanakila’s Director and senior counselors devote great care to arranging campers in groups that will enjoy great times together. Camp “units” composed of ten tents and cabins, on average, share a washhouse with hot water showers and flush toilets.


Four campers in an open air cabin.

Communication & Visits

Keep in touch and stay informed! In this section, you’ll find our package policy, camp contact information, and details about Visiting Weekend 2022 (register by June 1). This section will be updated with summer photos during the camp season!

Visiting Weekend – Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17: Families of 1st and full session campers are invited to join us for a variety of camp activities (swimming, archery, boating, tennis, arts, etc.), a meeting with the camp director, an assembly and a show put on by campers.

Schedule: A final schedule will be posted here in June. Please plan to arrive by 9:30 am on Saturday and depart before lunch on Sunday. (There are no visitors on campus on Friday evening, except those attending the Friday show – please see note below.)

Guest limit: This year, attendance is limited to immediate family members of currently enrolled 1st and full session campers, (parents, guardians, siblings). We hope to be able to accommodate extended family members and other guests in the future, but for 2022, we need your help in minimizing the number of visitors on our campus. If no one in a camper’s immediate family can attend Visiting Weekend and you’d like another guest to attend in their place, please email us at to inquire about an exception.

COVID-19 vaccine requirement: All guests must adhere to the same COVID-19 Vaccine Policy as our campers and counselors.

Advance registration: All guests are required to register in advance. Log into your camp account to register and upload your COVID cards. Alternatively, you may email us with a list of guests (full name and date of birth) and photos of everyone’s COVID cards and we’ll register you.

The Show: We will be asking families to RSVP in early July if you would like to attend a performance. At that time, we will have a list of campers performing in the show.

  • Attendance at Saturday’s show is limited to the families of children in the show. If your camper is not in the show, you may join your child for other activities during this time.
  • Attendance at Friday’s show is open to families who have children performing in different shows, for example, one camper at Hive and one at Lanakila. Other families who wish to see the show, but do not have a child performing, may also choose to attend on Friday. There will be no other visitors on campus on Friday.

Visiting Weekend attendance is optional—many families join us, but it’s not possible for everyone and that is okay. Each year, we create special fun activities and treats for campers who do not have visitors that year. They have a blast! (Some admit they prefer it over a more traditional Visiting Weekend with family. Hmph!)

Looking for ways to stay in touch with your camper?

Camp Mail and Package Policy

Mail for Lanakila campers should be address to the camper at 2899 Lake Morey Rd, Fairlee, VT 05045. Please be sure mail is in line with our Package Policy. Family members of international campers may send a letter to a camper via email to The subject line should be “Letter for ‘insert camper name’”.

Visiting your Camper

Families of 1st and full session campers are invited to join us for a variety of camp activities (swimming, archery, boating, tennis, arts, etc.), a meeting with the camp director, an assembly and a show put on by campers. All guests are required to register in advance and must adhere to the same COVID-19 Vaccine Policy as our campers and counselors. 2nd session families (and 1st and full session families wishing to visit their camper outside of Visiting Weekend) may contact the camp office to schedule a visit with their camper. All visits should take place at least 10 days into your camper’s session. We want to be sure your camper has made significant connections and will be less likely to feel the pangs of separation when family leaves after a visit. Visitors must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination ahead of time. At all of our camps, visits usually happen between 12:00 pm and 2:45 pm. Please bring a nut-free picnic lunch—all of our campuses are nut-free. If you need to visit at another time, please ask your camp’s office manager to check schedules and make necessary arrangements. Campers may not leave camp property at any time.

Phone Calls

Especially if you are a first-time parent, we understand your wish to hear your child’s happy voice at the end of the phone. However, phone calls do not always contribute to a child’s happiness or to their adjustment to camp. Sometimes the sound of a parent’s voice can alter the experience of even the most content and enthusiastic camper, interfering with their adjustment. So, in most instances, we urge you to communicate with your camper by mail and restrict calls to birthdays and other special occasions. In both cases, arrangements should be made ahead of time with the camp office, so that your camper will be close to a phone.

In the summer, the camp office staff is available by phone or email to answer questions about your camper’s transition to camp, schedule phone calls and visits, or help with anything that comes up during your camper’s session. (Please direct any billing or travel questions to Karen Danforth at the Foundation Office.)

Lanakila Camp Office: 802-333-3430 or (Please note this phone number and email address are not monitored outside of the camp season.)

Travel & Luggage Shipping

Learn more about transportation options, drop-off/pick-up procedures, and luggage shipping.

Lanakila is located at 2899 Lake Morey Road in Fairlee, Vermont. Driving directions are available here.

Arrival on June 24 and July 19

Drop-off procedures: Camp check-in is from 9am – 3pm. Each camper will be assigned a specific arrival time and check-in tent. Each check-in tent will be staffed by a member of our health house team and camp staff. When you arrive at camp, everyone in your vehicle should be masked. A member of our health house team will administer a rapid antigen test for each camper. Once we receive negative test results, families can unload luggage and say a quick goodbye. We anticipate the check-in process to take about 15 minutes and parents/guardians will leave their campers and luggage at the check-in point.

Camp Tours for new families! New families (and those who have not seen their child’s camp before) are invited to attend a brief tour after dropping off their camper. Tours will include all the main buildings on campus but will not include the units where campers and counselors live. To minimize group size, we ask that you sign up for a tour ahead of time by emailing Everyone participating in a tour must adhere to the same COVID-19 Vaccine Policy as our campers and staff and will be asked to provide proof of vaccination in advance.

Departure on July 17

Most 1st session campers will depart by car after Visiting Weekend ends on July 17. Learn more about Visiting Weekend in the Communication and Visits section on this web page.  If you will not be joining us for Visiting Weekend, please email Karen Danforth to coordinate your camper’s departure plans.

Departure on August 10

Camp pick-up is from 8am – 2pm. Each camper will be assigned a specific departure time and pick-up tent. To indicate your preferred departure time, please complete the Travel Plans section of your camper’s paperwork, or email When you arrive at camp, everyone in your vehicle should be masked. Your camper and their luggage will be ready and waiting for you. We anticipate quick goodbyes!

NYC Bus on June 24 and August 10

The Aloha Foundation provides chartered bus service through Premier Coach bus company from/to New York City on Friday, June 24 and Wednesday, August 10. This service is not available for 1st session departures or 2nd session arrivals.

Sign Up & Fees

Sign up by emailing and the bus fee of $125 per trip will be added to your camper’s balance. *This fee is waived for campers receiving financial aid.

At the Bus Stop

The bus stop is on the north side of W 62nd between Columbus and Amsterdam (Next to the Lincoln Center). On June 24, campers should arrive at the bus stop at 8:15 am, for departure at 9:00 am. Camp Volunteers will rapid test campers before they board the bus. On August 10, campers will arrive between 2:30-3:00 pm and Camp Volunteers will ask you to sign out your camper and ensure they have all their belonging before leaving the bus stop. The bus company will provide a chaperone for the bus ride to/from camp.


The bus has limited space for luggage, and we ask that campers ship luggage to and from camp, bringing only carry-on luggage on the bus. *Exceptions are allowed for international campers and campers receiving financial aid.

Things to Bring

On Opening Day, all campers should pack a nut-free lunch, snack, and drinks (no glass, please). Campers will need to wear masks while riding the bus but may remove masks to eat lunch and drink. On Closing Day, the camps will pack lunches and drinks for campers. Campers may bring electronics for use on the bus. Devices should be labeled and will be collected by camp staff upon arrival at camp. Devices are stored in the camp offices, charged and handed back out for the bus ride home.

The Aloha Foundation provides chaperones to assist campers with travel to/from local airports and bus stations. Please contact Karen Danforth before booking flights or purchasing bus tickets. All independent travel needs to be coordinated in advance so we can ensure we have enough staff to escort all campers.

Dartmouth Coach Bus – Lebanon, NH

The Dartmouth Coach is a local bus company that provides multiple buses each day to/from Logan Airport in Boston, MA. Campers who are flying as adults (not using an airline’s unaccompanied minor service) can use this service independently, traveling between Logan Airport and the Lebanon bus terminal. The Coach offers comfortable seating, wifi, a bathroom, and movies onboard. Luggage is allowed on the Coach but campers must be able to manage their luggage at the airport without assistance. Contact Karen Danforth before purchasing tickets. Our staff will meet campers in Lebanon (or drive them to Lebanon and wait with them until the bus departs at the end of their session). Our fee for Dartmouth Coach travel assistance is $25.

Lebanon, NH Airport

Cape Air offers flights from/to Lebanon, NH and Logan Airport in Boston, MA or Westchester County Airport in NY. The planes are small so luggage is limited – call the airline for more information. Contact Karen Danforth before purchasing tickets. Our staff will meet campers at the Lebanon Airport (or drive them there and assist with check-in). Our fee for Lebanon Airport travel assistance is $25.

Manchester, NH Airport

Campers may book flights arriving or departing Manchester Airport between 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Contact Karen Danforth before purchasing tickets. Our staff will meet campers or assist them with check-in. Campers will be driven to/from camp in our camp vans by camp drivers. Our preference is for campers to ship luggage that is too big to be a carry-on – please contact us if you need to request an exception. Our fee for Manchester Airport travel assistance is $75.

Burlington, VT Airport

Campers may book flights arriving or departing Burlington Airport between 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Contact Karen Danforth before purchasing tickets. Our staff will meet campers or assist them with check-in. Campers will be driven to/from camp in our camp vans by camp drivers. Our preference is for campers to ship luggage that is too big to be a carry-on – please contact us if you need to request an exception. Our fee for Burlington Airport travel assistance is $75.

Logan Airport – Boston, MA

International campers may book flights arriving or departing Logan Airport. This service may also be available to campers on domestic flights depending on the flight details. Contact Karen Danforth before purchasing tickets. Our staff will meet campers or assist them with check-in. Sometimes campers are driven to/from camp in our camp vans by camp drivers. Other times, campers will ride the Dartmouth Coach bus with our airport chaperones. Except for our international campers, our preference is for campers to ship luggage that is too big to be a carry-on – please contact us if you need to request an exception. Our fee for Logan Airport travel assistance is $175.

  • Families may ship luggage to camp at 2899 Lake Morey Road, Fairlee, VT 05045. Plan to have it arrive after June 15.
  • Looking to ship your camper’s luggage home after camp? Sign up for our UPS shipping form provided by Hanover True Value Hardware.

Packing & Uniforms

From packing lists and rental options to uniform and trunk purchases, we've got all the details you need to outfit your camper this summer!

Packing List

Items on the 2022 Lanakila Camper Packing List may be purchased from our camp vendors or other sources. The uniform store is the only place to buy logo items. The goal of our uniform is to eliminate any preoccupation with style and brand of clothing, especially as it plays a part in creating power and prestige. Within the camp community, we want to focus on what is really important and to minimize what is not.

Uniform Purchases & Rentals

The uniform store is now open! Our vendor, Bendinger, offers last-minute ordering (up to two days before camp), can ship items right to camp, and will be onsite on June 24 to assist with exchanges and deliver last-minute orders. Log into your account to sign up for a $40 Uniform Rental Package and the following items will be waiting on your camper's cot: 5 shirts (including 1 collared shirt), 3 pairs of shorts, and 1 warm layer (sweatshirt or fleece, depending on availability). **Campers receiving financial aid may sign up to rent a full uniform package at no cost.

Trunk Purchases & Rentals

All campers will need a hard-sided camp trunk at camp. Trunks are used to store personal belongings and can act as a surface for playing cards or writing letters home. Purchase a trunk (recommended size: 32” x 18” x 13.5”) from Everything Summer Camp and receive a small discount. International campers and those flying solo to/from camp may sign up in your account for a $40 Trunk and Bedding Rental Package containing a trunk, 2 sets of sheets, 3 warm blankets, a pillow, and 2 bath towels. **Campers receiving financial aid may sign up for the trunk and bedding package at no cost.

The outside of the Lanakila building.

Camp Store

Each camper's tuition includes a $50 Camp Store credit to be used as needed during the summer. The store is for essentials only (supplies that may run out during camp, like toiletries, stamps, paper/envelopes, etc.), and limited choices are available (e.g. two kinds of shampoo, one kind of toothbrush, etc.). The store also sells a few camp items like hats, water bottles, and stickers. On those rare occasions when campers exceed the $50 store credit, the balance due will be reflected in your online account. Campers will not require cash at any time.

A landscape with a lake surrounded by a forest.

Let’s Connect

We offer camps and programs for people of all ages. Let’s talk about you, your child, your family – and discover together which experience you would value most. There are many options and possibilities!