Kathleen Hehir

Ohana Director

Kat was appointed Ohana Director in January 2024. Kat grew up in a few places, she spent her first 13 years in the Midwest and then her family moved to The Netherlands where she attended high school. Kat then attended college in Paris, France just a train ride away. Aloha Camp came into Kat’s life in 2005, she was a Unit Head 2006-2008 and Head of Club in 2012.

Kat has managed diverse teams, organized 500+ person events and worked with university partners and faculty across the globe. Kat has traveled extensively and is passionate about appreciating diversity and experiential education.

Kat and her husband, Will are excited to be back in Vermont with their two young daughters, Emilia and Audrey. Will is originally from NY. They are both avid skiers and are excited to teach their daughters how to ski in VT.

A landscape with a lake surrounded by a forest.

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