Hulbert campers canoeing.

Hulbert Outdoor Center

The Hulbert Outdoor Center offers transformational programming for children and adults.

Powerful Work in a Simple Setting

Established in 1978, Hulbert Outdoor Center delivers transformational programming to 7,000 participants annually through programs designed to foster personal growth, self-reliance, confidence, cooperation, and a sense of community in people of all ages. HOC Program Director Ross Cannon currently oversees multiple adventures for adults, teens and children, including Hulbert’s superb School Programs.

Programs for Schools

The Hulbert Outdoor Center provides high-quality educational experiences for children and teachers from public and private schools. Each year, our programs serve over 2,000 children representing more than 60 schools.

A Hulbert group doing a teambuilding activity. Educational Program

Grades K-12

Hulbert School Programs

Our one- to five-day residential and day programs focus on leadership skills, teambuilding, community, personal challenge, natural history, and outdoor skills development.

A school group and Hulbert staff gathered on the front porch of The Hulbert Outdoor Center. Educational Program

Success Leadership Program

The Success Leadership Program helps middle and high school students learn how to become leaders in their school and community.

Programs For Professionals and Educators

A teacher presenting in front of a group of students. Educational Program

Success Counseling

Whether you are a teacher, parent, spouse, counselor, manager, leader, or colleague, Success Counseling workshops will have a direct effect on both your happiness and effectiveness.

A man in a canoe speaking to a group. Educational Program

Skills Certification Courses

The Aloha Foundation offers Wilderness First Responder re-certification and ACA Canoe Instructor certification programs.

Camps for Children & Families

A camp family smiling for the camara. Family Camp

Summer & New Year's Family Camp

Hulbert Family Camps allow you to unplug from your busy life, relax by the lake or the fire, adventure in the forests and mountains, and enjoy time with family and friends on our beautiful campuses.

Seven children smiling and packed onto one couch. School Vacation Day Camp

Winter & Spring Vacation Camp

Kids can pack their winter and spring breaks full of games, exploring, crafts, fresh air, new friends, good food, and more! Hulbert offers vacation camps during February and April school vacations.

A landscape with a lake surrounded by a forest.

Explore With Us

Through its camps and educational programs, the Aloha Foundation strives to inspire people of all ages to learn, explore, grow, and become their best selves.