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Camp Photos

Aloha Foundation’s Camp Photo of the week ~ Fairlee, Vermont

By The Aloha Team

A sky filled with stars over the Lanakila castle.


Evening Circle at Vermont's Aloha Hive Camp for Girls in 1935.

Community is a favorite word at The Alohas. We love our many special camp places and spaces, great activities and traditions, of course; but above all, we love and care for each other, all for one and one for all.

There’s also Aloha’s not-so-secret success program – Success Counseling, that is, a powerful guidance technique pioneered by the camps of The Aloha Foundation. Success Counseling puts teen girls and boys on pathways to growth, and every camp counselor is trained to use it to help young campers achieve goals and resolve problems by taking responsibility for their own actions, attitudes and feelings.

The 2010 season at Lanakila, Hive and Aloha has come to an end, but the connections our campers and counselors made this summer continue to strongly link them across the country and the world.