Camper drawing back a bow to shot an arrow at archery.

Become an Evergreen Sustainer

Make an impact with monthly gifts!

Did you know you can make a regular contribution to the Alohas automatically with a credit card? With our EverGreen Sustainer program, you can!

Campers in a field.

It’s easy–some even say it reduces stress!

Your monthly, recurring gift will renew automatically. You can change or cancel your gift anytime, and we’ll send you an annual comprehensive receipt.

Spreading your gift out over the course of the year reduces the impact on your budget, and for many people, makes giving less stressful and more manageable. It also means fewer emails and letters from us asking for support.

It packs a real punch.

Your regular support is the most effective way to make a difference at the Alohas.

A steady, predictable stream of funding has a compounded impact and helps non-profits like ours invest in long-term planning and decision-making.

It sets an example for others.

Monthly giving demonstrates in a tangible way your deeper level of commitment to the Alohas.

It’s an opportunity to step up, lead, and encourage others to do the same. The more monthly donors we have, the more we will be able to attract.

What you can accomplish as an EverGreen Sustainer:

Give a child the opportunity to go to camp. Enhance the diversity of our camp community. Help a counselor take on a new leadership role


Monthly Yearly
$15 $180 A $15 monthly gift buys one new archery target.
$25 $300 A $25 monthly gift pays for clay and other supplies at Arts & Crafts.
$50 $600 A $50 monthly gift lets us license the rights of a musical for Visiting Weekend.
$75 $900 A $75 monthly gift supports counselor training.
$125 $1,500 A $125 monthly gift underwrites a campership.


Get Started: Become an EverGreen Sustainer today!