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Endless Fun, Lifelong Friends

For more than 100 years, the Alohas have been known for their outstanding summer camps—and so much more.

By stepping away from technology and immersing ourselves in a simpler, natural world, the Aloha camps develop self-assuredness through authentic relationships, personal growth, and a jam-packed summer of activities.

The word we hear most often to describe Aloha Foundation camps and programs? Transformative.

   (3rd – 6th Grade Grads)   
   (7th – 10th Grade Grads)   


Aloha & Hive


In Canoeing, campers of all ages embark on a journey of exploration and skill-building amidst the tranquil waters of Lake Fairlee and beyond. Beginners are guided in mastering basic strokes, while intermediate and advanced participants delve into solo boat portaging, distance paddling, and trip planning, all with a focus on safety and enjoyment. Whether it's practicing skills at our basecamp, or venturing out on exciting day trips or two-day excursions to local lakes and the majestic Connecticut River, there's something for everyone. Campers and counselors alike cherish the tradition of enjoying breakfast aboard canoes on cool camp mornings, fostering camaraderie and lifelong memories.

Aloha & Hive


With over twelve hundred acres, it’s no wonder our campers love to go out on trips! Campers of all ages are invited to embark on exciting wilderness adventures that foster confidence, camaraderie, and a deep connection with the natural world. Venturing beyond the confines of camp, campers explore the scenic mountains, lakes, and rivers of our region through camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, and biking trips. Alongside experienced counselors, they learn essential outdoor skills such as fire building, knot tying, map reading, and wilderness cooking, ensuring they feel confident and comfortable in the great outdoors. These experiences not only provide opportunities for technical skill development but also promote teamwork, problem-solving, self-reliance, and resilience, all against the backdrop of our breathtaking natural environment.

Campers climbing a rock climbing wall outside.



Campers looking for a special kind of personal challenge have a variety of climbing options. In addition to our own climb tower, campers can head over to the high and low ropes courses at our nearby “brother” camp, where they take to the air high up in the pine trees, safely secured and belayed, and ride the “zip wire” 100 feet down from the treetops to the ground.

Aloha & Hive

Arts & Crafts

In our Arts and Crafts program, campers of all ages are encouraged to explore their creativity through a variety of activities tailored to their interests and skill levels. Younger campers can enjoy jewelry making, weaving, beading, painting, sketching, pottery, and more, under the guidance of enthusiastic arts counselors. Meanwhile, older campers have the opportunity to delve into ceramics, drawing, painting, copper enameling, metalwork, jewelry-making, woodworking, photography, and sculpture, among other disciplines. Whether they're weaving baskets by the dock or designing stage sets, campers are empowered to express themselves freely and develop their artistic talents in a supportive environment.

Aloha & Hive


Whether it's Lake Fairlee or Lake Morey, campers delight in sailing aboard a range of vessels, from sunfish to JYs and Hobies. Under the guidance of seasoned counselors, newcomers to sailing learn the ropes, while seasoned sailors take the helm solo, fostering confidence and refining their skills with each expedition. From leisurely afternoon excursions to spirited regattas, sailing offers a chance for campers to immerse themselves in nature, cultivate self-assurance, and enhance their problem-solving abilities. Weekly clinics and regattas provide avenues for skill refinement and friendly competition, while the sailing community warmly welcomes participants at all levels. All waterfront counselors ensure a safe and rewarding experience for every participant.

Campers aiming bow and arrows.

Aloha & Hive

Archery & Air Riflery

Nestled in a serene woodland setting, campers of all ages hone their skills on both beginner and regulation distance targets. Under the guidance of experienced counselors, participants receive individual and group instruction, ensuring safety and fostering skill development. From learning concentration and stillness to range-finding and aim-taking, campers are challenged to refine their abilities while enjoying friendly competitions and engaging activities. Whether campers are shooting for fun or striving for mastery under varying conditions and distances, our program offers something for every interest and skill level. With a focus on safety and expert guidance, campers embark on a rewarding journey of skill development and personal growth in the timeless art of archery.

Aloha & Hive


Whether it's belting out tunes in the dining hall, serenading fellow campers on a canoeing adventure, or gathering around a campfire for a sing-along, music is woven into the fabric of our camp community. From lively, exuberant performances to quiet, reflective moments, music offers opportunities for individual expression and collective celebration. With a repertoire that blends familiar favorites with traditional camp songs, campers of all ages find a space to connect, express themselves, and create lasting memories through the universal language of music.

Campers kayaking.

Aloha & Hive


Beginning with stable lake kayaks on Lake Fairlee, novice kayakers learn essential paddle strokes and skills, progressing to mastering techniques such as rolling an overturned kayak. As campers gain confidence, they embark on adventures on both flat water and white water throughout New England, honing their skills while enjoying the thrill of paddling with friends. Whether it's leisurely paddling on Lake Morey or adventurous trips to nearby lakes and rivers, kayaking offers a dynamic and exhilarating experience for all. With certified lifeguards ensuring safety, campers discover the joy of navigating the waterways and exploring the outdoors in a fun and supportive environment.



While most campers arrive having used various camera apps on cell phones, our photography program asks them to slow down, observe, choose, and invest. Using black and white film, manual cameras, and various lenses, campers explore the world of camp with a new eye for shape, light, composition, and depth. The dark room is an intentional space where it takes time and skill to develop the images you’ve captured...and of course, goofy pics of friends are always welcome!

Campers playing tennis.

Aloha & Hive


Through engaging games and personalized instruction, campers learn and develop skills while fostering camaraderie with peers. Each summer brings the excitement of friendly Camper/Counselor tournaments, as well as opportunities to compete in inter-camp matches. At Lake Morey, tennis is more than just a sport – it's a vibrant community that values fun, fair play, and friendly competition. From instructional sessions to spirited matches for singles and doubles, our courts buzz with energy and enthusiasm, creating an atmosphere where campers of all skill levels can thrive and enjoy the thrill of the game.

Aloha & Hive

Performing Arts

Campers are encouraged to explore their creative talents and express themselves through music, acting, dance, and more. At the Comb, campers have the opportunity to participate in full-scale musical performances during the first half of camp, with roles on stage and opportunities for involvement in set design and stage management. Throughout both sessions, Performing Arts offers a range of activities, including music and acting workshops, dance lessons, and even opportunities to learn American Sign Language. Whether campers choose to take on a role in a musical, showcase their talents in talent shows, learn a new instrument, or simply dance by the lake for fun, there's something for everyone. With a focus on fostering creativity and embracing individual expression, Performing Arts at our camp promises an unforgettable experience filled with home-grown theatrical fun, fanciful costumes, and endless opportunities for campers to shine.



Many campers first try rowing at camp, discovering a new passion for the sport that can lead to high school and college competition. After basic dock instruction in safety and technique, we take a four-person shell onto Lake Morey as often as weather permits. While this is not an activity that takes place all day every day, it is offered regularly throughout the summer so that everyone who wants to do so can give it a try, and those who so desire can progress through basic skill levels.

Aloha & Hive


Our expansive playfield and basketball courts provide the perfect setting for campers to participate in everything from Ultimate Frisbee to Yoga to Dodgeball, ensuring maximum enjoyment for all. Talented counselors are on hand to teach a range of sports, including soccer, softball, lacrosse, basketball, rugby, and more. Whether it's goofy group games or spirited athletic competitions, Landsports strikes the perfect balance, offering campers opportunities for both lighthearted fun and skill development. With instruction, pick-up matches, and both internal and inter-camp tournaments, campers can experience the thrill of competition in sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, and more. Additionally, our program provides opportunities for active play in a non-competitive setting, with activities like badminton, rugby, and childhood games



Whether a camper is new to riding a bike or comes to camp a practiced cyclist, there is fun to be had on bikes at Aloha. Our hillside campus is a natural place to learn mountain biking skills on trails and rough terrain, while local paths and nearby accessways provide a great opportunity for newer cyclers to practice bike basics like turning, braking, and shifting gears. Equipment maintenance is also an important part of our program, so campers know how to care for their bikes at camp and at home.



We love providing opportunities for campers that they may not encounter elsewhere, and the chance to learn the safe handling and use of power tools is one great example. Woodworking is a hub of creativity and exploration...as well as noise and sawdust! Our woodshop is supervised by skilled counselors who instruct campers in the use of hammers, nails, files, and mallets...as well as planes, sanders, drills, and saws. From jewelry boxes and cutting boards to benches, coat racks, and Adirondack chairs, Aloha’s woodworking program is always a-bustle.

Aloha & Hive


From beginners to advanced swimmers, there are regular swim lessons tailored to individual needs, providing opportunities to train for long-distance swims like the "Rainbow Trout" and participate in swim meets with other local camps. Weekends bring fun water games, free swim sessions, and exciting water polo matches. Our waterfront, featuring swim docks and a sandy beach, is a beloved spot for campers to enjoy aquatic activities. With offerings including instructional and free swimming, long-distance challenges, competitive meets, synchronized swimming, and diving programs, campers quickly improve their aquatic skills while learning to be comfortable in open water. All waterfront counselors are certified lifeguards, ensuring safety while practicing endurance training and safety skills throughout the summer.


We believe that eating together is essential to creating community and encouraging authentic interactions. Our dining program not only feeds campers but also involves them as table helpers, recyclers, and composters. We take pride in the supplier relationships we have established with local growers and farm stands nearby in Vermont and New Hampshire. Our kitchen is nut-free and we can accommodate many medically-dictated dietary requirements but are not equipped to handle all dietary restrictions. We offer vegetarian options, gluten-free options, and dairy-free options, but are not able to guarantee a vegan option. We cannot guarantee there will be no cross-contamination from food ingredients from facilities that also process nuts, dairy, or gluten products.


Campers live in spacious tents on wooden platforms or in rustic cabins, with three to five campers and one or two counselors. The Director and senior counselors devote great care to arranging campers in groups that they believe will enjoy great times together. The nine or ten tents and one cabin that make up each “unit” share a washhouse with hot water showers, flush toilets and electricity.

Equity and Inclusion

We strive to ensure that each person who participates in our programs feels valued for who they are and what they bring to the community. We aim to create environments where everyone is included, considered, and celebrated. The diverse identities and perspectives people bring to our programs enrich our learning experiences together, and we strive to create a sense of belonging for everyone during their time at the Alohas. We invite you to learn more on our equity and inclusion page.

   (3rd – 6th Grade Grads)   
   (7th – 10th Grade Grads)   

Summer 2024 registration is open!

We encourage families to read through the details in the tabs below before applying.

Age Guidelines: Hive welcomes 3rd-6th grade girls and gender nonbinary youth. Our youngest campers will be 8 years and 10 months old by July 1. (For all of our programs, we go by the grade your child has just completed.) Aloha welcomes 7th-10th grade girls and gender nonbinary youth. The Club Program is for 10th grade graduates. (For all of our programs, we go by the grade your child has just completed.)

To access your account, click on Enroll from any camp page to sign in or create an account. New families may have an account from when you inquired – enter your email and click on “Get Started.” The system will either prompt you to create a new account or it will ask you to enter your password. If you don’t know your password, just click on “Forgot Password” and follow the steps from there.

To apply to camp, log into your account to select your camp and your first choice of session. Choose one of the four application types: Returning Camper, New Camper, Hive Graduate, or Campership Aid Applicant. Please submit one application for your first choice of session only (you can indicate a backup session within your camp application).

Returning campers (including Hive grads) are encouraged to apply early, as space in certain age groups and sessions is limited. Applying in the first 10 days will maximize your chance of securing a spot in your preferred session. New campers (including siblings of returning campers) may apply the day registration opens and will be placed on the waiting list until mid-November to give returners a chance to enroll. This does not necessarily mean a session is full! This just allows us to process returner applications first.  

A $1,000 non-refundable deposit (payable via e-check or credit card) is due with your application. New applicants will not need to pay the deposit until we confirm that a space is available. Campership applicants do not need to pay a deposit at the time of enrollment.

Enrollment confirmations will be emailed as campers are enrolled. New campers and those applying for financial aid will apply to our “waiting list”. This does not necessarily mean a session is full! This just allows us to process applications and enroll campers on a rolling basis (as space allows).


2024 Dates & Rates

Session Tuition Dates
Aloha Club & Lanakila Bridge $13,000 Monday, June 24 – Wednesday, August 14
Aloha, Hive, & Lanakila Full Season $13,000 Friday, June 28 – Wednesday, August 14
Aloha, Hive, & Lanakila 1st Session $8,630 Friday, June 28 – Sunday, July 21
Aloha, Hive, & Lanakila 2nd Session $8,630 Tuesday, July 23 – Wednesday, August 14
Hive 2-WEEK Program $5,850 Tuesday, July 23 – Tuesday, August 6


Applying for financial aid is very simple! 

  • Click on Enroll from any camp page to enter our registration site. Sign in or create an account and choose your camp and session.
  • Be sure to select the Campership Aid application. You will apply to the waiting list and you will not need to pay a deposit with your applicationIn addition to the standard camp application questions, you’ll be asked a few questions about your household’s income and extenuating circumstances. You can upload your taxes or email them to kdanforth@alohafoundation.org. Check your email within a few days and reply to any questions from the Campership Committee.
  • In about three weeks, you can expect an email with an update on your camper’s status.

Email our Associate Director of Enrollment at kdanforth@alohafoundation.org with any questions.

Learn more about financial aid online.


2024 Terms & Conditions: All families should read and understand the following Terms & Conditions before applying. This applies to returning camper families as well.

Camp Readiness and Enrollment Paperwork

Camp Readiness: Participants must be prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally to participate fully in camp. Families should read these terms & conditions thoroughly and review the information on our website, in our FAQ, and on our blog regarding camp readiness prior to enrolling their child. You may also want to talk with your child’s doctor, teacher, or therapist to help you assess their readiness for overnight camp. 

Enrollment Paperwork: You agree to complete all camp paperwork accurately, thoroughly, and on time. You agree to inform us if your child is enrolled in an Individualized Education Program or 504 Plan, receives other special social-emotional or behavioral support, or has any physical, mental, or behavioral condition that may impact their camp experience and/or the camp community. You consent to The Foundation contacting you and your child’s service provider(s) and/or medical professional(s) to develop a plan to help your child succeed at camp. You understand that clear and timely communication is essential to setting your child up for success.

Tuition and Refund Policies

Deposits: A $1,000 deposit is required to confirm your camper’s enrollment. Your camper’s spot will be released if the deposit is not paid within 30 days of receiving your camper’s enrollment confirmation email.

Tuition: Tuition is due on February 1. Statements will be available in your online account as soon as your camper’s enrollment is confirmed. Families may make monthly payments or pay all at once prior to the due date. Payment not received by the due date may jeopardize your child’s place at camp. Tuition for campers accepted after January 1 is due within 30 calendar days of enrollment or prior to the start of camp, whichever is earlier.

Tuition is due February 1. If your tuition is not received by the deadline, your child’s spot and deposit will be forfeited. (Exceptions are made for campership recipients on a pre-approved payment plan.)

Payment Methods: Payments may be made via check, e-check, or credit card. Checks may be mailed to the Aloha Foundation at 2968 Lake Morey Rd, Fairlee, VT 05045. The Aloha Foundation charges a surcharge on credit card payments that is not more than our cost of acceptance.  

Late Payments: A finance charge of 1% per month, and any collection fees incurred, may be added to all payments. Delinquent accounts may result in forfeiture of your child’s spot at camp and any payments made to date.  

Withdrawal Policy: Deposits and tuition are non-refundable after the deadlines. No reduction or refund of tuition is made for late arrival, early departure, missed days, withdrawal for emotional or medical reasons, or any other cause.   

Tuition Protection Plans: The Aloha Foundation does not offer a tuition protection plan. We strongly encourage families to purchase a tuition protection plan but do not make recommendations on specific policies. Please be sure you understand the limits, coverage, and benefits offered prior to purchasing coverage. Plan options vary and exclusions may apply. Tuition protection may be limited to certain emergency situations or expenses and may not cover cancellations for any reason or in a non-emergency.

Assumption of Financial Responsibility: The individual submitting the camp application agrees to assume responsibility for the full tuition and fees. Assumption of financial responsibility extends to third-party (ex-spouse, grandparent, etc.) payment arrangements.  

Camp Dismissal: There are occasions when a child must be dismissed from camp due to ill health, disciplinary issues, or because they are not adjusting physically, psychologically, or emotionally. We will notify the parents/guardians to evaluate the situation and plan the best course of action. We reserve the right to dismiss any participant if, in our opinion, it is in the best interest of the camp.

Medical Information

Medical Expenses and Treatment: You understand that you are responsible for your child’s medical expenses, including deductibles, and co-pays. You consent to emergency medical treatment for the camper if the Foundation, in its sole discretion determines it to be necessary. In the event of a medical emergency, you consent to The Foundation contacting you and other emergency contacts whom you have provided. 

Immunizations: You understand that your child is required to be vaccinated according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) immunization guidelines AND the Vermont Department of Health immunization schedules. Religious or philosophical exemptions are not accepted. Medical exemptions are only granted for conditions established by the CDC or the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and only when a Medical Exemption Form has been submitted and approved by our medical team. 

Insurance: All participants are required to be covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan.

Dietary Restrictions: You understand that while we provide guidance to children when it comes to allergies, preferences, and food restrictions, they must be able to manage their snacks and meals independently. Our camp kitchens are nut-free and we can accommodate many medically-dictated dietary requirements but are not equipped to handle all dietary restrictions. We offer vegetarian options, dairy-free options, and gluten-free options at every meal, but are not able to guarantee a vegan option. We cannot guarantee there will be no cross-contamination from food ingredients from facilities that process nuts, dairy, or gluten products. Should your child have dietary restrictions, we request that you reach out as early as possible to discuss their needs with our medical team.

Health Forms: You agree to complete the Health History Form accurately, thoroughly, and on time. You understand that the Aloha Foundation may request additional information regarding your child’s physical and mental health. 

Other Terms & Conditions

You consent to your child participating in all regular Camp activities, both on and off camp grounds, and accept the fact that some of these involve inherent risks. By permitting your child to attend and participate in Camp activities, The Aloha Foundation and its agents, employees, and volunteers are released from any and all claims for damage arising out of injury to your child while participating in any and all activities including, but not limited to: gymnastics, biking, hiking, rock climbing, all waterfront activities, all land-sports activities – including archery, riflery, climb tower, ropes course, team and individual sports, crafts activities and fine arts programs. Such activities may occur on-site or off-site in Vermont or other states.  

You consent to the use of photographs or videos of your child to be used in publications, news releases, online, and in other communications related to the mission of The Aloha Foundation.

   (3rd – 6th Grade Grads)   
   (7th – 10th Grade Grads)   
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