2018 Homeschool Dates:
February 11 – 16, 2018
May 20 – 25, 2018
October 28 – November 2, 2018

Since 1990, Hulbert Outdoor Center has offered week-long residential programs for homeschooled children ages 9-17.  Currently we offer three, one-week residential programs for throughout the year in March, May, and October.  We believe that a week at Hulbert can be an excellent place for your child to meet other homeschoolers from all over the northeast and the country, to make friends, to try new experiences and activities, and to be part of a new, healthy, supportive community.  Participants and their families most frequently find the Hulbert program something that they continue to integrate into their yearly homeschooling calendar.

You and your child may have specific goals for the week, depending on your child’s age.  For some of our youngest participants it may be the first time they have been away from you and other close family members. This can be a great step of independence for a nine or ten year old participant.  Parents find Hulbert to be a supportive community with caring staff that makes this transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. A balance of structure and choice exists so that participants can achieve a greater degree of independence throughout the week, while being part of a large, loving community.

For an older homeschooler, goals may include exploring new areas of leadership, as well as creating and strengthening social bonds. We find that many of our homeschooling participants make life-long friends while at Hulbert, with whom they correspond throughout the year.

If you have specific questions about the program and whether it is right for your child, contact Hulbert Program Director Nick Wood or call 802-333-3405.

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