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An aerial view of Aloha campus and lake.

Trustees Emeriti

We are grateful to these former distinguished Board members for their expertise and years of dedicated service to the Aloha Foundation.

Trustees Emeriti


Elliot “Chip” A. Baines, Jr.
Vero Beach, Florida
Trustee 1991-2003

Tracy “Skip” M. Brown
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Trustee 1985-2000

Peter L. Christie
Etna, New Hampshire
Trustee 1979-1992, 1993-2007

Janis “Jan” L. Coates
Mount Desert Island, Maine
Trustee 1999-2013

Samuel “Sam” P. Cooley
Bloomfield, Connecticut
Trustee 1975-1991

Joseph “Joe” B. Dobronyi
Larchmont, New York
Trustee 2004-2017

Peter W. Gaillard
Fairfield, Connecticut
Trustee 2004-2016

Rudolph “Rudy” K. Glocker
Meredith, New Hampshire
Trustee 2007-2019

John F. Herrick, Jr.
Shaker Heights, Ohio
Trustee 1999-2014

Mary Kohring Highberger
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Trustee 1976-1983

Anne Conway Juster
Shaker Heights, Ohio
Trustee 2004-2016

Robert “Bob” C. Kenagy
Simsbury, Connecticut
Trustee 1976-1991

Katherine “Kate” Shockey Lafrance
Asheville, North Carolina
Trustee 1973-1983

Catherine “Cathy” H. McGrath
Fairlee, Vermont
Trustee 1991-2003

Kate Merritt
Boston, Massachusetts
Trustee 1985-2011

Elizabeth “Biddy” Harte Owens
Boston, Massachusetts
Trustee 1980-1983, 1989-199

Faith Jackson Parker
Stowe, Vermont
Trustee 1982-1991

Sally C. Reid
Boston, Massachusetts
Trustee 1999-2012

Fran Rosenfeld
Larchmont, New York
Trustee 2003-2015

Emelie “Emmie” Bean Ventling
Vero Beach, FL
Trustee 2007-2021

Robert “Bob” Y. White, Jr.
Mentor, Ohio
Trustee 1998-2011

Edmund “Ed” A. Winnicki
Chester, Vermont
Trustee 1986-1998

Stephen “Steve” A. Zipf, Jr.
Gladwyne, Pennsylvania
Trustee 2004-2016

We remember:

Richard A. Allen
Trustee 1981-1995

Martha “Marty” A. Baines
Trustee 1969-1984

Matthew “Matt” Bender IV
Trustee 1969-1991

Donald “Don” R. Williams, Jr.
Trustee 1969-1985