John Klopf

Trustee 2018 - Present

John K Headshot.

John Klopf is a husband, father, and founder of Klopf Architecture in San Francisco, focusing on indoor-outdoor residential design that connects people to nature. John has previously served as the chair of the San Francisco AIA Small Firms Committee and as a board member of the Cuong Nhu Martial Arts Association.

John’s connection to the Alohas began when his mother Lynne Batzer Klopf, an Aloha camper in the 1950s, brought their family to the 75th Aloha reunion and family camp. John caught the camp spirit and attended Lanakila, where he eventually became a Bridger and counselor. He and his wife, Kate Voshell, are also camp parents; their sons Leo and Kevin have attended and worked at Lanakila for a combined 14 summers.

A landscape with a lake surrounded by a forest.

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