A Camper’s Lead

By The Aloha Team

An Aloha camper holding a bunch of camping plates.

Right now, while most of us are hunkered down at home, some families are likely experiencing a shift in roles. Kids might be cooking more, learning different household chores, or taking more initiative in certain areas—like washing their plate after having a snack or putting a bag in the trashcan when they see there isn’t one. At camp, this kind of growth and independence often takes the form of leadership and setting an example. Blair, an Aloha counselor and Hulbert instructor, talks about times when Aloha campers took initiative and probably didn’t even realize it. They had a participatory spirit—one that implores other campers to teach others, volunteer to help, or show the people around them how to have a good time—skills that translate to their daily lives at home, especially now.

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