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Distinguished Service Award

By The Aloha Team

Posie Taylor standing with Chris Overtree smiling in front of the Lanakila barn.

Aloha’s Posie Taylor Receives the American Camp Association’s Distinguished Service Award

Since 1954, Posie Taylor has graced the shores of Lakes Morey and Fairlee with her passion for the people, the places and the programs of the Aloha Foundation! And she coped with her initial homesickness by leveraging it into a lifetime of service!

The Aloha Foundation's Posie Taylor wins American Camping Association's Distinguished Service Award.
The Aloha Foundation’s Posie Taylor wins American Camping Association’s Distinguished Service Award.

The Aloha Foundation is privileged to celebrate Posie, who has just received the American Camping Association’s highest award, the Distinguished Service Award!

Posie spent almost 20 years as the Director of Aloha Hive, our camp for younger girls, and as our first Director of Development. In 1998, she became Executive Director of The Aloha Foundation, serving in that role until 2005 and then returning as Interim Executive Director from 2013 to 2015. On the occasion of her “second retirement,” the Board of Trustees established The Posie Leadership Endowment in her honor, which supports Aloha employees’ efforts to remain active in the ACA, and to continually learn the lessons taught by other like-minded organizations and industries. Never one to sit still, Posie continued her consulting work with Aloha in Development, Programs and Leadership. She is one of several leaders of The Aloha Foundation who have continued to contribute to our work in retirement.

Posie Taylor’s best role is being “Grammie” to her beloved granddaughter, now at Camp Aloha.

Posie has been active in the ACA since 1977 and filled many roles over the years, including multiple stints on the ACA National Board and on the board of ACA/New England. In “retirement”, she is a consultant to camps around the country, particularly in the areas of Board Development and Fund Raising and an enthusiastic volunteer for her favorite causes. She currently serves as Board Chair of three local organizations, but her best role is being “Grammie” to her beloved granddaughter, Kate, now at Camp Aloha.

Posie has always been committed to causes that focus on children and giving them the very best start possible. She is the current Board Chair of The Family Place, where she supports amazing staff who give young children and families the support they need to thrive.  Likewise at Crossroads Academy, as Board Chair, she has helped the dedicated faculty nurture children from diverse backgrounds and to give them  both a rigorous academic curriculum. What she values about camp most is the loving support they receive as they grow into kind, caring and confident young adults.

Posie was also the recipient of ACA New England’s highest honor, and the ACA’s National President’s Award.