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We offer two basic kinds of training through our Success Counseling program:

Three-Day Workshops

Three-Day Workshops in the Upper Valley of NH/VT

These three-day workshops give participants the basic concepts and skills they will need to begin using Success Counseling in their families, relationships, and workplaces. These trainings are pertinent to anyone and can serve as a base for those interested in going further in a specific field or area of interest. We also have two Advanced Trainings scheduled for those who want to upgrade their skills in their personal or work settings.

Upcoming Workshops:

We are continually working to deliver workshops and presentations in a safe and productive environment. We can work with individuals and groups to find the best delivery mode. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in a workshop.

About the workshop

The format will be a mix of presentation, demonstration, and practice. Facilitated small-group work will be a big part of the process.

Topics covered will include:

    • How to work and communicate effectively with people (students, partners, bosses, employees, family members) in both times of calm and times of strife
    • How to create powerful and self-sustaining communities, where all members feel connected, involved, and responsible
    • The power and process of perception
    • How to manage discipline situations with minimal conflict and maximum positive outcomes
    • How to understand and have healthy expectations about what you can accomplish
    • How to let go of what you can’t control, without giving up your core responsibility as a leader, boss, teacher, colleague, spouse, partner, or parent
    • Distinguishing when to use a power-based approach and when to use a relationship-based approach to teaching and problem-solving
    • Internal vs. External Control Psychology
    • Learning to use language that minimizes conflict, and that promotes genuine engagement
    • Clarifying and moving forward towards becoming the person you want to be in all areas of your life

Customized On-Site Workshops

Consultation and Customized On-Site Workshops

We also provide on-site services for institutions interested in having their staff, faculty or leadership teams learn to use these ideas. These trainings are individually designed to meet the needs of each organization, and can be short awareness sessions, longer trainings, or even duplications of our three-day workshops in the field.

We are also willing to set up weekend workshops for parents hosted by someone who is willing to recruit participants and handle local logistics.

Success Counseling for Leaders of Organizations: Becoming the Leader You Want to Be

In this training area, we will cover topics such as: creating a positive culture; giving and receiving powerful and often difficult feedback; dealing with a difficult employee; running productive meetings; retaining your best talent; both-win management techniques; principles of customer service; creating systems that led to collaboration rather than confrontation and making strategic and value-based decisions that are effective and reality-based.

Success Counseling for Parents: Working with Your Children and the Entire Family

In this training area, we will explore concepts such as: family meetings; managing the teenage years; sibling strife; homework; discipline and setting limits; cell phones, technology and social media; maintaining healthy adult relationships; managing conflicting parenting styles or decisions and how to do the pre-work necessary to be ready for difficult situations when they happen.

Success Counseling: Creating Positive and Effective Discipline Systems in the Classroom

In this training area, we will go into depth about difficult issues and behaviors in schools. Topics will include: how we define discipline in a Success Counseling framework; what’s at the root of difficult behaviors; how to structure the classroom and school for success; how to manage explosive situations in the moment; the difference between restitution and punishment; teaching self-discipline to students; knowing what you can and can’t control, and learning how to leverage this reality.

Success Counseling in the Classroom

This training area is for teachers who are interested in restructuring their classroom and their teaching to be more effective and to reflect the principles of Success Counseling. Topics that will be covered include: how to motivate students and why traditional motivation falls short; new models for evaluation; why students disengage and how to help them reengage; discipline issues; homework; your role as mentor and manager; classroom meetings; working with other adults; measuring success in your classroom.

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