Feedback from some of our January 2018 Success Counseling workshop participants:

“This course is applicable to so many situations—self-reflection, family, friends, work. I hope this will become the go-to in our home!”

“I left our three days together with such energy and gratitude for all I have to appreciate in my life, and all the control I can exercise within to be my best self.” 

“I feel like I can apply this at work, with my family, and with friends. These are tools that create better communication in all scenarios.”

“This workshop has helped me be better at my job and has empowered me to help others to make an impact.”

“I will use Success Counseling for dealing with student issues, family conflicts, and difficulties that my children are facing. These are great techniques for helping others restore equilibrium while at the same time looking inward at yourself.”

“This was awesome and eye-opening. It’s easily transferable to my work with students, and it is an easy-to-understand framework to help people ‘solve’ their own problems. Thank you so much for this course.”


“If everyone understood these ideas, our schools would be better places for everyone – students AND teachers. In my role as principal it is great to see my staff return so enthusiastic and skilled from Success Counseling workshops. They are able to put these ideas into practice immediately, and I can see the results!”

Keri Gelenian, Principal
Rivendell Jr/Sr. High School, Orford, NH


“As a teacher and school leader, the language of Success Counseling has changed the way I talk to and advise both students and colleagues. Now I feel I’m getting to the heart of issues and managing challenging situations with greater skill.”

Ann Johnson, Head of Upper School
Brookwood School, Manchester, MA


“Social and emotional intelligence is just as important than the academic skills children learn. Success Counseling provides teachers with the tools they need to help children effectively solve their own problems, interact and work with others, and regulate their emotions. My classroom management technique is largely based on the Success Counseling model and I am a much better teacher for it.”

Susannah Conway, classroom teacher
Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, CT


“These skills have helped me became a more effective teacher and leader in my work with kids at risk of school failure, and I use the Success Counseling ideas in my daily interactions with students, staff and administration. I am a good teacher, but Success Counseling has made me a much better communicator and student advocate.”

Gary Golden, Special Ed. Dept.
Williamstown High School, Williamstown, VT


“Success Counseling is very authentic and extremely relevant to my work in school and my life. The instructors really know and live the material they teach, and the training is first class all the way. I wish more of our teachers had the opportunity to take this training.”

Preston Randall, Guidance Counselor
Bellows Free Academy, St. Albans, VT