Who Should Learn about Success Counseling

Success Counseling is an approach to thinking and problem solving that can be applied in every situation which involves human behavior.

Occasionally, our workshops are specialized for a particular population (we do a workshop for educators, and one for parents, for example), but most of our offerings are general courses that can be taken by anyone, and from which all participants will benefit equally. In fact, we have often found that participants begin to understand Success Counseling more deeply when they take a course with folks from diverse backgrounds and therefore get to see it applied in different contexts.

Some specific takeaways that people from different backgrounds have cited are as follows:


  • Creating powerful classroom communities
  • Learning to use language that minimizes conflict in the classroom, and that promotes genuine engagement
  • Helping students take responsibility for themselves, their work, and their attitudes
  • Creating more effective discipline systems in the classroom
  • Distinguishing when to use a power-based approach and when to use a relationship-based approach to teaching and problem-solving
  • Working more effectively with unmotivated and/or antagonistic students
  • Communicating positively with parents
  • Working with supervisors or colleagues through disagreements

Parents and Families

  • Setting expectations in the household that people will respect and that will lead to success
  • Approaching situations when family members haven’t followed through with an agreement
  • Creating a discipline model within the family which allows family members to feel good about themselves and each other, even when there is conflict and disagreement about consequences.
  • Using discipline without getting angry or owning the problem yourself
  • Working with your spouse consistently in dealing with the kids
  • Communicating with your spouse or partner in a way that is effective and helps you both get what you want (rather than one that leads to arguments, blame, or resentment)
  • Developing Success Counseling based family meetings – what these are and how they can help
  • Dealing with the changes during the teenage years (gasp!)
  • Making difficult decisions as a couple or as a family

Leaders and Administrators

  • Perceiving complex decisions through a new framework
  • Moving your organization to a more consistent principle-centered version of itself
  • Managing difficult employees
  • Creating win-win situations
  • Having difficult conversations where deficiencies must be addressed without resorting to behaviors that destroy the fabric of the personal or professional relationship.
  • Creating leadership opportunities and culture
  • Managing perceptions rather than managing behavior.
  • Knowing what you can and can’t control, and what you should and should not take on


  • Enjoying your work even in difficult situations
  • Working with difficult colleagues and managers
  • Getting what you want from your boss
  • Giving and receiving feedback in ways that are actually helpful and make relationships stronger
  • Being the person that you want to be at work


  • Being a leader in your school
  • Dealing with difficult personalities in the classroom
  • Communicating effectively with your teachers, even if they seem resistant
  • Learning how to get what you want out of school
  • Leading other students in formal organizations (good for college students)
  • Supporting friends who are upset, angry, sad, in trouble
  • Understanding where you have control, and where you need to let go
  • Managing your parents

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