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Vermont Summer Camp: Packing the Trunk ~ Top Ten List

By The Aloha Team

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Vermont Aloha Hive Camp for Girls - tent interiorTop Ten List of Items to Be Sure to Pack in Your Camp Trunk

With just a few days left to pack your trunk before heading to Vermont for opening day at the Aloha Camps, here’s our list of what you might include that isn’t on an official camp packing list. In addition to the camp’s list, it is easy to find articles online that give packing guidance, and also make great suggestions on what to leave at home.

  1. It is easy to pack fun accessories to be used for themed costume parties; items like colorful scarves, silly hats and sunglasses can be the perfect finishing touch to an ensemble pulled from the camp costume room.
  2. A flashlight is the go-to item for most campers navigating after dark, but a headlamp can provide excellent hands-free illumination on foot and also for reading in bed after dark.
  3. Disposable cameras allow kids to enjoy picture taking without the worry of losing or damaging a valuable camera. While a digital camera sometimes pulls a child out of the moment to inspect photo results, a disposable film camera means that the focus remains on the event at hand with the results and memories to be revealed and enjoyed after camp.
  4. A blank notebook allows your child to start a journal, have a place for sketches or even a place to play tic-tac-toe or hangman with cabin mates. Colored pencils and a pencil sharpener make a great addition.
  5. Does your child have a craft he or she might enjoy during rest hour or on rainy days? Knitting, crocheting, and embroidery are portable and perfect quiet time activities.
  6. A variety of reading material for different moods and moments. You might send a novel or two that you know your camper will enjoy on his or her own, a book that a counselor might read aloud to a tent family, and then a few copies of a magazine your child can enjoy and share. Great examples of magazines are Cricket, National Geographic Kids, and Owl. All are super periodicals geared for curious kids.Rest Hour Card Playing at Vermont's Lanakila Camp for Boys
  7. A deck of cards or other quiet, portable card games are fun to have handy for tent family game time or even on an overnight. Word games like Bananagrams are easy to tuck into a trunk as well.
  8. Pre-addressed and stamped postcards and envelopes make it easy to send a quick note to grandparents and other family members.
  9. A small photo album with pictures of family members, favorite school friends and beloved pets makes it easy for a child to share stories from home.
  10. Plastic, reclosable bags in different sizes are handy to keep items organized and dry in a trunk, and are also great to have on camp overnights for storing a damp swimsuit or muddy sneakers.

You child will thrive at the Aloha Camps even without any of the items above, but a few extras are a nice touch, particularly if they are a surprise when the trunk is unpacked! Even more important than what to take to camp is what to leave at home: electronics, precious jewelry, valuables of any kind that could be easily lost or inadvertently damaged, and food of any kind.