“A couple of years ago another camper asked me, ‘Why is your face so black?’ It made me feel uncomfortable and I told my counselor. She said she would report it, but I didn’t hear anything about it for the rest of the summer. I told my family and they called the Foundation Office. They called back saying it was addressed to all the campers, but I was still at camp and never saw that happen. Since counselors didn’t pay much attention to it, I brushed it off my shoulders until I got home. I’m kind of sad nothing happened. It made me feel like my feelings didn’t matter.”
-Hive, Camper, 2018

“I am a child of being bussed out of my neighborhood and taken to a white school, so I know how she feels. This isn’t something that just popped up inside this little girl’s head. I think it’s necessary to not just try to get the campers in camp but connect with parents prior to camp. Issues like this start at home. Racism is not something we’re born with, it’s a choice.”
-Camper’s Parent, 2018

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