Humans of Aloha—Ohana, Staff Member, 2018

“One day at family camp after announcements, a parent came up to me to offer some feedback. She explained that the way I had referred to families in the announcements was not inclusive and felt hurtful to her. She knew I didn’t mean it that way and wanted to share her concern. Even though I have always believed that families come in virtually any shape or size—and can consist of biological relatives, adopted family members, same-sex parents, single parents, friends we choose to be our family, community as family, and any number of combinations—in casually referring to a traditional family unit of mom, dad, and kids, I had unintentionally excluded this parent’s family. It was a learning moment for me that I’ll always remember. I appreciated her courage to speak up and she seemed grateful that I listened and was committed to doing better in the future.”

—Ohana, Staff Member, 2018

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