Becoming the person you want to be – in and for the world – is the essence of a summer’s experience at Aloha Camp. Here, young women have opportunities to grow every day, learning and perfecting new skills, building and managing personal relationships, making good choices and choosing to succeed.

At Aloha, the insecurities and angst of being a teenage girl dissolve in a wide variety of recreational and educational activities. Essential life skills like decision-making and goal-setting literally become child’s play as girls choose freely from among activities like archery, crew, and wilderness tripping. Intentionality, community, resilience, courage, friendship – these are hallmarks of an Aloha summer. Our philosophy of success counseling allows girls to take ownership of the role they play in their own lives, giving them agency in determining their own path in a world that too often tells them who they should be, what they should wear, where they should go, and why they should be happy while pursuing dreams that may not be their own. We give them the tools and time they need to flourish, and we help them think about the people they want to become.

We also believe in the importance of providing young women with role models for success. Our counselor staff comes in all shapes and sizes, all ages and nationalities, all eye colors and hair styles. In a simple setting where the grass is green and the hugs are plentiful, girls have the opportunity to see what success looks like at 14, 18, 23…35…47…62. We are an intentional community with a shared identity. In a place grounded in the beauty and simplicity of nature, across experiences that range from the trivial to the profound, girls have the opportunity to interact with mentors in an organic environment that cannot be replicated in an internship, athletic camp, or cultural exchange program. Our counselors give girls the rare gift of time – time to relax in the sunshine, splash in the puddles, and revel in the recognition of true friendships found and nurtured for a lifetime.

That is the Aloha tradition. That is what we do so well – where the water is cool, and the air is clean, and the words to the songs never change.