What does the Aloha community do in challenging times?

(and all the time!)

We support each other and ask ourselves, “Who do we want to be in this situation?”

We connect. We offer our help. We express our gratitude.

This is just the beginning! We’ll update this page daily with more resources and opportunities to share the Aloha spirit.

Join Us

Camp Talent Show! (Low-Key, Aloha Style)
Thursday, April 2, 2020
Join us on Zoom at 6:30 pm EDT.
The meeting ID is https://zoom.us/j/317706670  (PASSWORD CLUE: What lake is Hive on?) Email Jenn Merritt if you need help!

Thank you for all your submissions. Due to the influx of talent, we are unable to accept any more at this time. If you’d like to submit a video of your talent, we’d love to set up a section on this page to showcase it!

You are invited to a sharing-fest, hosted live by an incredible duo: Tommy Dickie and Jackie Schram! This low-key variety show will connect us and offer an opportunity to see camp community members doing activities they love like singing, sharing a story, and dancing. Hope you’ll join us!

Would you like to participate in the talent show? If so, follow these steps below!

1)   Send an email to your director saying you’d like to participate, and explaining what your act is. If we have time, we will show ALL of the acts during the show – but if we have too many, we will either do a SECOND show later, or post some of the acts on the website!

2)   Your director will tell you to make a video of your performance and send it in to them. If they need to be edited down for time, we might do that (with your permission).  We won’t be having people perform live, so making a video ahead of time is the way to do it!

3)   That’s it! Tune into the show and see some great acts performed (maybe even your own)!

Camp Sing-Along with Gordo and Perry
for the Aloha Foundation community
Thursday, March 19, 2020
Join us on Zoom at 4:00 pm EDT. Zoom log-in and info. here.
Aloha Foundation 50th Anniversary Songbook

Can’t join us this time? No worries! We will do it again soon at a different time of day.

Watch a Video or Listen to a Podcast

“Goodnight Medley” inspired by Bob Love (recreated on piano by Lanakila alumnus Angus Davidson)

Guided Meditation to the Bluff with Helen Doherty

Handwashing Tutorial by Lanakila Director Bryan Partridge and daughter Nora

How to Build a Fire for S’mores by Lanakila Director Bryan Partridge and Family

Ear Snacks (musical podcast for younger kids about the world)

Story Pirates (podcast – stories by kids adapted into sketch comedy and musical theater)

A Tremblay Family Greeting


Become a Camp Pen Pal (Sign up and we will match you with a pen pal so you can write to each other this spring.)

Connect with a Camp Community Member (Are you looking to reach out to a specific member of your camp community?)

Try an Activity

See more activity suggestions below in Kristin Ramsey’s Family Tool Kit in the Resources section.

Postcard to Yourself (Goal Setting)

A Mindful Way to Reflect: Rose, Thorn, Bud (Mindfulness)

Just Listen: Learning about Others and Ourselves (Listening)

The Art of a Texture Walk (Getting Outside and Feeling Your Surroundings)

CAMP: An Artistic Interpretation (Art Project)

Explore Resources

Family Tool Kit (Kristin Ramsey, ATR-BC, LPC)

Managing Your Mental Health! Keeping Your Cool During a School Closure (Infographic by Lanakila counselor Tommy Reynolds, NCSP)

Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings

Suggested Reading for Parents & Adults