What does the Aloha community do in challenging times?

(and all the time!)

  • We support each other and ask ourselves, “Who do we want to be in this situation?”
  • We connect. We offer our help. We express our gratitude.


On this page, you will learn from our community how to weather the pandemic with activities, lessons, and song. And this is just the beginning! We’ll update this page regularly with resources and opportunities to share the Aloha spirit.

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“How To” Activities

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Take the Frozen T-Shirt Challenge!

Guided Meditation with Helen

How to Make a Square Knot

Making Homemade Graham Crackers

Music & Talent

All Aloha Talent Show

Lean On Me

Goodnight Medley



Ear Snacks (musical podcast for younger kids about the world)

Story Pirates (podcast – stories by kids adapted into sketch comedy and musical theater)


Reflect, Laugh, Learn, Engage

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CAMP an artistic interpretation - Activity purpose: This engaged activity is a way of looking at how you view camp in a creative way. Instead of simply talking about the...
A Mindful Way to Reflect: Rose, Thorn, and Bud - Activity purpose: This activity inspires participants to reflect, become more aware of their surroundings, and incorporate gratitude into their daily routine. Rose Thorn Bud is...
Write a Postcard to Yourself - Activity purpose: This engaged activity is a way of allowing children to set personal short-, medium-, and longterm goals for themselves and their families. This...

Explore Resources

Family Tool Kit (Kristin Ramsey, ATR-BC, LPC)

Managing Your Mental Health! Keeping Your Cool During a School Closure (Infographic by Lanakila counselor Tommy Reynolds, NCSP)

Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings

Suggested Reading for Parents & Adults