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Camp alum standing outside a van in hiking clothes.


The Aloha Family

Welcome to the Aloha family! We are so glad you are part of this community. Alumni of the Aloha camps, whether campers, counselors, or both, know they are part of a family—the Aloha family. It’s a family both old and new, including campers from five years old to nearly one hundred.

Like every family, it has both newer members and is made up of many generations, stretching back in time. In fact, some of our current campers are fifth generation—their great-great-grandparents were the first to come to camp in the beginning of the last century, and someone from every generation since has worn the green and white and gray, sung the camp songs, and shared the traditions of these camps that are, in their own way, home.

We hope you find this website a portal to people, places, and times, that are important to you—to your life, to who you were when you wore the camp colors and answered the bugle’s call, and to who you’ve turned out to be. There are many reasons these camps are so well loved and so enduringly important to so many peoples’ lives. You are one of them. Welcome home.

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