Week 3: Food, Glorious Food!

Food is an important part of camp and home. Having meals together is a great way to catch up, share special moments, and enjoy something delicious. This week check out some favorite recipes, techniques, and stories from camp chefs and counselors. Plan a special meal or event with your family. Take a meal outside around a campfire. Learn a new game or table topic to keep family meals interesting.  Whether you like to cook or just play with your food, take a look at the activity ideas below. Enjoy! 

Cook a great meal on the trail or in your kitchen with our Trip Leader Recipe book!
Listen to this week’s COUNSELOR playlist! Teach your family a food-related camp song to sing at your next meal.
Who doesn’t love grilled cheese & tomato soup? Get Bucky’s famous tomato soup recipe here!
Read about Hive’s Canoe Breakfast tradition and recreate these special meals at home.
Enjoy a treat around your grill or campfire with Chef Dan’s BBQ Banana Splits!
Try growing or planting your own food! Tomatoes and herbs are really easy to grow in pots in your window.
Choose a country and explore recipes from that country. As an extra challenge, plan, prepare, and serve one to your family!
Brush up on your table setting and Squad/CIA/Camp Capers skills by setting/clearing the table, doing the dishes, or cleaning up the kitchen.
Give food & happiness – bake treats for essential workers or neighbors in need. Gather or make food for your local food shelf.
Ingredients in your kitchen can also be used for play. Make homemade playdoh with just a few ingredients!
Make Sleeping Bag Rice and have all of your campout meal elements ready at once.
Check out the Camp Treat Delivery Project!  You might end up getting a box of cookies or brownies sent to your front door!
Learn how to cook brownies in an orange peel over a campfire!
Ever milked a goat? Emily will show you how  (and the baby goats are sooo cute).
Bored at home?  Try our “taste-test challenge” with a friend or a family member! We’ve posted an amazing one here!
Write in your journal. This is a great week to think about gratitude. Check out some suggestions for starting a journal here.
Make mealtimes more fun with these table games.
Challenge Yourself! Try a new food this week, maybe even one per day!
Miss something from the past 2 weeks’ activities? Check them out here!
Share what you’ve been doing this summer! Send us a photo, video, or email at campconnections@ alohafoundation.org