How will you bring camp home this summer?

Although we can’t be together in Fairlee this summer, we all have opportunities to bring our best selves to our families, neighborhoods, and the world. Each week we will share a new theme with videos, blog posts, and activity suggestions to give you ideas and inspiration to create your own summer experience. Scroll down to find ways to keep learning, exploring, reflecting, and creating fun this summer. Check this page regularly for updates and additional ideas. Please share your stories, photos, and videos of what you are doing this summer!

Week 4: Get Creative!

Show off your creative side this week! You will find lots of ideas, videos, and tutorials for creating and appreciating art and creativity in all its forms. Learn a new craft, see what artists in our community are working on, just get out and play! Make a gift of something you create. Share your pieces with us!

Be dramatic! Watch Tommy & Purcy’s scene and read Tommy’s blog post for tips on recording your own!
Want to hear Taps played before bed? Here’s a recording for you!
Try a woodworking project at home (with an adult) with these DIY Woodworking ideas
Send a letter to a friend, family member, or camp director. Let Ellie show you how to address your envelope in style.
Ever tried to write a song?  Check out our challenge, and maybe a team of counselor musicians will put your piece to music and perform it!
Want to make animated films?  Read this interview with Jordan Hendrickson and see some of his work!
Do origami with Caitlin – make a crane, canoe or fortune teller out of paper.
Use only things found in nature to make a boat to test it out in any available body of water. Read Anne Perry’s tips on making your boat.
Put your imagination to work! Write a poem or story about your dream summer or what you doing this summer.
Watch as our Horizons counselors help you make friendship bracelets using many different methods!
Draw in your journal. Explore your creativity or make a list of things you want to try or learn.
Create your own camp (or other themed) trivia questions and connect with camp friends over zoom for a game!
Use your toys to create fun and unique Toy Photography shoot.
Get inspired by nature and try building fairy houses in the woods. Maybe even a whole village.
Take a photo or make a note of a least one beautiful or inspiring thing you encounter each day.
Miss something from the previous weeks’ activities? Check them out here!
Share what you’ve been doing this summer! Send us a photo, video, or email at campconnections@