Join us for Horizons 2021!

In order to apply, you will need to create an account in our new registration system AND:

  1. Click on your initials in the upper-righthand corner and then “Edit Profile” to add your home address.
  2. Click on “My Family” to add ALL household members to your account (including spouse or partner if applicable).

The application link is at the bottom of this page. Please read through our age guidelines, and terms and conditions before applying. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. 


Horizons Age Guidelines 

  • Our 2-week sessions are open to children graduating grades K through 7th.
  • Our 1-week session is open to children graduating grades PreK – 5th.
  • 8th and 9th graders are invited to apply to our Apprentice Program (see below)

Session Dates 

  • 1st session: June 28 – July 9 (2 weeks)
  • 2nd session: July 12 – July 23 (2 weeks)
  • 3rd session: July 26 – August 6 (2 weeks)
  • 4th session: August 9 – August 13 (1 week)


  • 2-week sessions: $1,000 (plus $100 for bus)
  • 1-week session: $500 (plus $50 for bus)
  • 2-week sessions cannot be prorated.
  • Campership aid is available for eligible families.

Horizons Apprentice Programs

  • The Horizons Apprentice program is a 2-year Counselor-In-Training program.
  • Apprentices gain skills that will also prepare them to be leaders in the wider world.
  • The 1st Year Apprentice Program is for 8th grade graduates and is offered as a 2-week session.
  • The 2nd Year Apprentice Program is for 9th grade graduates and is offered as a 4-week session.

Session Dates

  • 1st Year Apprentices: Choose from two options – July 12-23 OR July 26-August 6
  • 2nd Year Apprentices: July 12 – August 6


  • 1st Year Apprentice Program: $1,000
  • 2nd Year Apprentice Program: $1,600
  • Campership aid is available for eligible families.

2021 Application Process and Legal Terms & Conditions

Camper Readiness: Participants must be prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally to participate fully in camp. While we may be able to make reasonable accommodations for the inclusion of an individual, requests for special accommodations should be brought to our attention before or during the application process. Up-to-date information about a participant’s physical, mental and emotional health will be collected closer to the start of camp. Our purpose in having pertinent health information is to be able to serve each participant well and keep our camp communities safe. If you have any concerns about your child’s ability to integrate into the camp community, please contact us to enlist our help.
Application Process: Families will apply for camp through CircuiTree, our new enrollment management database. All applicants will be placed on a “waiting list” to give us time to review each application and determine if a space is available in the right session and age group. “Waiting list” does not mean a camp program is full! This is simply a list of applicants waiting to be reviewed. 
Campership Aid: The Aloha Foundation offers financial aid or “camperships” to qualified families. Our budget is limited and we encourage families to apply early.
Deposit: A $200 per session non-refundable deposit is typically required to confirm your camper’s enrollment. Due to COVID-19, deposits will not be required this year. 
Tuition: Statements will be available to families within your CircuiTree dashboard and payments may be made from the dashboard. Tuition is typically due on March 1. Due to COVID-19, tuition for the summer of 2021 will be due May 1, 2021, for all summer camp programs. Payment not received by this date may jeopardize your child’s place at camp. Tuition for campers accepted after April 1, 2021, is due within 30 calendar days of admission notification or prior to the start of camp, whichever is earlier.
2020 Tuition Rollover: If you rolled over your tuition from 2020, please apply online and we will adjust your account to reflect your payments after we receive your application.
Aloha Foundation Withdrawal Policy: Families are responsible for full tuition and fees if withdrawal is made after the tuition deadline. No reduction or refund of tuition is made for late arrival, early departure, missed days, withdrawal for emotional or medical reasons, or any other cause. (see 2021 COVID-19 refund policy)
2021 COVID-19 Refund Policy: We are preparing to open for the summer of 2021. However, guidance from federal, state, and local experts regarding COVID-19 continues to evolve. We may alter our camp programming, reduce our capacity, or make other changes to our facilities and camp communities for the summer of 2021. If significant changes result in the withdrawal of a camper, families may be eligible for a refund. In the event that camp is canceled for summer 2021, families will be eligible for a refund of any tuition payments made to date.
Late Payments: A finance charge of 1% per month, and any collection fees incurred, may be added to all late payments. Delinquent accounts may result in forfeiture of your camper’s spot at camp and any payments made to date.
Assumption of Financial Responsibility: You agree to assume responsibility for the camper’s full tuition and fees. Assumption of your financial responsibility extends to third-party (spouse, grandparent, etc.) payment arrangements. In the event the camper’s account is deemed delinquent due to failure to pay by a third-party, you agree to assume responsibility of the camper’s full tuition and fees.
Delinquent Accounts: Delinquent accounts may result in forfeiture of your camper’s place at camp. The camp reserves the right to request immediate payment of the outstanding account, including finance charges and collection fees.
Tuition Protection Plans Through a Third-Party: The Aloha Foundation does not offer tuition protection insurance. However, families may purchase tuition protection plans through a third-party insurance company. We encourage parents to understand the limits, coverage, and benefits offered prior to purchasing this coverage through an insurance company. Plan options vary and exclusions may apply. Tuition protection may be limited to certain emergency situations or expenses and may not cover cancellations for any reason or in a non-emergency.
Enrollment Paperwork: All camp paperwork should be submitted by May 1, 2021 through your CircuiTree dashboard. Incomplete or late paperwork may jeopardize your child’s spot at camp. Failure to respond thoroughly and accurately to any question on the enrollment forms, or to provide pertinent information about your child that may impact his/her behavior or the camp community, may negatively impact your child’s enrollment.
Camp Dismissal: There are occasions when a child must be dismissed from camp due to ill health, disciplinary issues, or because they are not adjusting physically, psychologically or emotionally. We will notify the parents/guardians to evaluate the situation and plan the best course of action. We reserve the right to dismiss any camper if, in our opinion, it is in the best interest of the camp.
Camp Hours and Transportation: Camp runs Monday-Friday and we do have camp on the 4th of July. Each camp day begins at 8:45am and ends at 4:30pm. All adults (including parents) should be prepared to show ID and sign out their child, whether pickup occurs at Horizons or at a bus stop. If someone other than a parent or guardian will pick up your camper, we must have a note to that effect (you can authorize other adults within the Parent Portal). If your camper has permission to ride a bike or walk home alone please let us know. The camp is not liable for campers after they leave camp property, or the Campion, Marion, Thetford and Lyme bus stops. Bus service is available for an additional fee – sign up in the Parent PortalTravel fees will be added to your camper’s account and are due when tuition is due.

Consent and Release of Liability: By applying to send your child to Camp:

  • You consent to your camper participating in all regular Camp activities, both on and off camp grounds, and accept the fact that some of these involve inherent risks. By permitting your child to attend and participate in Camp activities, The Aloha Foundation and its agents, employees, and volunteers are released from any and all claims for damage arising out of injury to your child while participating in any and all activities including, but not limited to: horseback riding, gymnastics, biking, hiking, rock climbing, all waterfront activities, all land-sports activities – including archery, riflery, climb tower, ropes course, team and individual sports, crafts activities and fine arts programs. Such activities may occur on-site or off-site in Vermont or other states.
  • You consent to the use of photographs or video of your camper to be used in publications, news releases, online, and in other communications related to the mission of The Aloha Foundation.
  • You agree to inform us if your child is enrolled in an Individualized Education Program or 504 Plan, receives other special social-emotional or behavioral support, or has any medical issue that may impact their ability to engage in the camp environment or camp community. You consent to The Foundation contacting you and your child’s service provider(s) and/or professional(s) to develop a plan to help your child succeed at camp.
  • You understand that you are responsible for your camper’s medical expenses, including deductibles, and co-pays. You consent to emergency medical treatment for the camper if the Foundation, in its sole discretion determines it to be necessary. In the event of a medical emergency, you consent to The Foundation contacting you and other emergency contacts whom you have provided.
  • You understand that your child is required to be vaccinated according to the Federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) immunization guidelines AND Vermont Department of Health immunization schedules. For more details, please review the Foundation’s Vaccination Requirements. Religious or philosophical exemptions are not accepted. Medical exceptions are only allowed for conditions established by the CDC or the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). The medical exception must be submitted for individual shots in a signed statement from a licensed pediatrician which states:
    • The physical condition or medical circumstances of the camper and which vaccines are contraindicated.
    • Whether the medical exception is permanent or temporary.
    • The expiration date, if the exception is temporary.