Lanakila specializes in boys: their interests, energy, and the challenges that help them excel. It’s a natural place for a boy to shed the distractions of wired 21st-century life, and live simply, discovering the best he can be. Do you like sports, art, building things, singing, joking, leading, following? No matter what, you’ll fit in, have fun and surprise yourself with your accomplishments. At Lanakila there’s no one way to be a boy or a man—great ones come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities. Lanakila values you for your special qualities. The safety of our campers is our number one priority.

What’s There To Do at Lanakila?

Campers try something new or hone longtime skills at Lanakila every day. Want to sail across the lake in the Viking Ship? Climb a mountain for a trail lunch at the top, and sing funny songs all the way down? Draw a picture of something beautiful or make a paddle out of wood? Zoom 100 feet down a zip wire from the treetops to the ground? Play an instrument or put on a funny act in a Talent or Skit Night? Sing and dance in the camp musical on Show Weekend? Lanakila campers participate in all these kinds of activities and many more of their choosing each camp day. And we’ve created our own games and traditions for challenge and fun: American Ball, archery-golf, baseball and street hockey tournaments, the Lanakila Arts Festival, a 4th of July Carnival, and a marathon swim around Lake Morey that we call the Purple Albatross.

What’s a Lanakila Day Like?

Lanakila boys live in tent or cabin families of three campers and a counselor, in units called Brookside, Woodside, Hillside, and Lakeside. When the bugle plays reveille at 7:30 each morning, it’s time to rise and shine for another busy day! First there’s great food that boys love, served “family style” in the camp dining room. At breakfast and lunch campers make activity choices for the morning and afternoon. Free times, rest hour, and frequent special events round out the day. After dinner, there might be a free evening to do as you please, a camp-wide game, or even Council Fire, a respectful ceremony that feels important and different from the fast pace of the day. At taps it’s time for a story and a quiet conversation with your counselor—or a tent family overnight under the stars. You feel good at the end of a Lanakila day, and proud of yourself for everything you accomplished.

The Power of Tradition

The power of honored tradition keeps Lanakila campers returning year after year in large numbers. Newcomers are warmly welcomed and made to feel included right away. Each summer more than 80% of Lanakila’s counselors return as well, from all over the world, bringing years of experience to the job of creating a safe and caring environment for every boy. Longtime campers sometimes say Lanakila is “the place we leave home to come home to”—a place where they learn more about themselves than almost anywhere else in the world, and make amazing friendships that last a lifetime.