Phil Ameden

Director of Food Services
Win Ameden Director Aloha Foundation Buildings and Grounds

Win Ameden

Director of Buildings & Grounds

Martie Betts

Administrative Coordinator for Advancement

Irene Bills

Lanakila and Hulbert Head Chef

Kevin Brooker

Ohana Facility & Program Manager

Ross Cannon

Hulbert Program Coordinator & Ropes Course Manager

Dyke Carter

Maintenance & Building Crew

Kristina Choquette

Operations Director

Patricia Crawford

Director of Advancement

Jeremy Cutler

Director of Special Projects

Lynn Daly

Hulbert Registrar

Karen Danforth

Associate Director of Enrollment

Stuart Fairbairn

Horizons Day Camp Director

Larry Farnham

Maintenance & Building Crew

Lauren Frank

Director of Engagement

Oakley Gordon

Hulbert Instructor

Gretchen Grote

Ohana Camp Registrar/Events Manager

Andy Hilton

Associate Director of Development

Cindy Howland

Payroll Manager

Jennifer Irizarry

Office Manager

Richard Johnson

Maintenance & Building Crew

Norman Kalen

Hulbert Associate Coordinator

Jason Knowles

Hulbert Outdoor Center Director

Katie Knowles

Hulbert Director of Program Development

Stephanie Lewis

Accounts Receivable

Sarah “Gordo” Littlefield

Aloha Camp Director

Rachel Loughran

Hulbert Lead Instructor

Joi Louviere

Social Media and Communications Coordinator

Cheryl McKinley

Administration and Personnel Manager

Geoff Mallett

Maintenance & Building Crew

Sam McFadden

Hulbert Instructor

Jenn Merritt

Director of Communications

Cheryl Olson

Advancement Database Manager
Bryan Partridge, Director Lanakila

Bryan Partridge

Lanakila Director

Ellie Pennell

Incoming Hive Director

Christy Pierson

Accounts Payable

Kathy Plunkett

Outgoing Hive Director

Vanessa Mendillo Riegler

Interim Executive Director

Tim Ross

Finance & Human Resources Director

Valerie Santamaria

Hulbert Instructor

Blair Smith

Hulbert Lead Instructor

Jen Steck

Maintenance Administrative Assistant

Tori Sumner

Hulbert Associate Coordinator

Ish Talmadge

Hulbert Instructor

Wesley Talmadge

Hulbert Instructor

Dan Toohey

Aloha and Hulbert Head Chef

Steve Trage

Ohana Head Chef

Nick Wood

Hulbert Program Coordinator

Jean H. Bender

Trustee 2011 - Present

Susan “Susie” B. Clearwater

Trustee 2010 - Present

Verna J. Cleveland

Trustee 2019 - Present

Farah E. Cook

Trustee 2016 - Present

Katharine “Katie” B. Drossos

Trustee 2019 - Present

Elizabeth Grayer

Trustee 2015 - Present (Vice Chairperson)

Bob Mann

Trustee 2010 - Present (Treasurer)

John Klopf

Trustee 2018 - Present

Elyse Lyons

Trustee 2017 - Present

Jennifer Mogck

Trustee 2014 - Present (Secretary)

Janet Prill

Trustee 2017 - Present

Charlie Pughe

Trustee 2012 - Present (Chairperson)

Matthew Slaughter

Trustee 2017 - Present

Molly Rosen

Trustee 2017 - Present

Elizabeth Shelawala

Trustee 2012 - Present  

David Stolow

Trustee 2015 - Present

Nekesa Straker

Trustee 2018 - Present

Deb Streeter

Trustee 2010 - Present

Langdon Bleecker Wheeler

Trustee 2018 - Present

Stephen S. Wyckoff

Trustee 2017 - Present

Emelie Bean Ventling

Trustee 2007-present