Success Counseling has evolved from the original ideas put into life by members of the Gulick Family over a century ago. In evolving over time, we see distinct connections with two powerful psychological models, one developed by Dr. William Glasser called Choice Theory and the other developed by William Powers in his work in Perceptual Control Theory.


The Decisions We Make: What Drives Us on a Daily Basis (5/29/18)

Searching for Direction (2/12/18)

The Cornerstones of Our Emotions: The Stories We Tell Ourselves (1/15/18)

For more about Success Counseling:


“Success Counseling for Children and Leaders”

This two-part video gives an overview of Success Counseling skills and concepts. The first 22 minutes is filled with examples of Success Counseling in action at The Aloha Foundation. The second 24 minutes is a description of Success Counseling by Barnes Boffey, Director of Training at The Aloha Foundation, and outlines theory and applications that go way beyond the camping model.


“Success Counseling: A Tool for Aging Life Care Professionals and Care Managers”

This article goes way beyond applications for aging. It has a very clear basic explanation of the Success Counseling theory and lots of examples of how to put the skills into practice.

“Partnering with Parents”

This article by a former Lanakila staff member and current camp professional explains his understanding of the Success Counseling Process

“Navigating the Levels”

A post by Shelley Roy about why the levels of perception are important to understand.


For more about Choice Theory:


Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom

William Glasser M.D., Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN #0060930144


Counseling With Choice Theory: the New Reality Therapy

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For more about Perceptual Control Psychology:

Making Sense of Behavior: The Meaning of Control

William T. Powers, Benchmark Press, ISBN #0964712156


A People Primer: The Nature of Living Systems:

Shelley Roy, New View Publications, ISBN- #0944337473


For more on the Science of Perceptual Control Theory:

“Adapted Behavior as the Control of Perception”

Within the book: Without Miracles, Gary Cziko, MIT Press, 1995



For more on the works of others who are very much aligned to Success Counseling ideas:

NPR Interview (2/14/18)
The Key to Raising a Happy Child

“You Aren’t At The Mercy Of Your Emotions — Your Brain Creates Them”
Lisa Feldman Barrett · Neuroscientist, psychologist, author

Can you look at someone’s face and know what they’re feeling? Does everyone experience happiness, sadness and anxiety the same way? What are emotions anyway? For the past 25 years, psychology professor Lisa Feldman Barrett has mapped facial expressions, scanned brains and analyzed hundreds of physiology studies to understand what emotions really are. She shares the results of her exhaustive research — and explains how we may have more control over our emotions than we think.


Creating the Conditions: Leadership for Quality Schools

Diane C. Gossen, New View Publications, ISBN #0944337260


My Gift In Return: Thoughts on the Journey to Becoming Real

Barnes Boffey, Ed.D, New View Publications, ISBN #0944337449


Peaceful Parenting

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Reinventing Yourself: Becoming the Person You Want to Be

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Restitution: Restructuring School Discipline

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How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain

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