What Kind of Camp is Aloha Hive?

Hive is a traditional sleep-away camp for girls ages 9 to 13 with over 400 acres of forest trails, meadows, barns, and open-air buildings along the shores of Vermont’s Lake Fairlee. Girls live simply in nature and learn new skills on the lake, along the trails, among the gardens and barns, playfields and cozy indoor activity spaces.

The safety of our campers is our top priority. Counselors attend a week of specialized training for working specifically with young girls. They come to us skilled in traditional camp activities such as archery, arts and crafts, tennis, canoeing, sailing, campcraft, gymnastics, arts and crafts, and performing arts.

Here, with a blend of idyllic summer setting, challenging and engaging activities, and highly trained staff, campers gain new independence, strong social skills, pride in achievements, and willingness to take risks. A Hive summer is a uniquely caring and nurturing experience. Every aspect of community life is intentionally designed for learning and personal growth while honoring the pure joy of summer friendships, sparkling waters, and majestic natural forests.

What Do Hive Campers Do?

Hivers choose from any of the regularly scheduled activities: swimming, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, hiking, tennis, performing arts, arts and crafts, wilderness exploration, farm and garden skills, archery, gymnastics, high ropes course.  They also look forward to special event days and all-camp games and programs. They spend much of their days in small groups with low camper-to-counselor ratios. A rest hour and free time to allow for solitary pursuits during the day. Morning assembly, meals and  after-dinner all-camp programs provide times when the whole community can engage together. There are weekly opportunities to leave camp on two and three day hiking or canoe trips, go on an overnight camping experience close to or within camp, and to enjoy breakfast in a canoe on the often misty lake with a tent family. Campers make many choices throughout their days and weeks at Hive about their own schedules.  Some choices are individual and some are made together with tent families or within an activity group. Choices about “doing” are mirrored with choices about “being” and “becoming” all summer long. And, with practice, making all these kinds of choices becomes a life skill that campers are proud of.

What’s It Like to Be a Camper at Aloha Hive?

Being a camper at Hive is a little like stepping into another world.  First, there is the breath-taking realization that you are entering a beautiful forest. Then there is the recognition that each girl has companions that she must learn to trust and work with.  The challenges of camp life live within each camper rather than being imaginary external characters, and yet campers learn to identify challenges and take them on. In doing so, girls create their own stories and become their own heroes. There is a bit of magic in each Hive day such that the adventures of a single morning or afternoon can seem like a week! A Hive summer is truly a childhood epic that is never forgotten. When campers return for a second summer, they often say, “It’s like I never left!” One adventure picks up where another left off, and this is also part of the magic of having a place that is “other” than that of home.